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Homecoming dance.

A chapter in the book Football - A Novel

Football Chapter 42

by barbara.wilkey

After Katherine's husband dies, she struggles raising her four sons by herself. Is Gabriel the father figure the boys never had and the husband she deserves?
Katherine and Gabriel have known each other for 51 days.


After kissing her a few more times, he asked, "It's not working, is it?"

"Depends what your goal is. If your goal is to get me to talk, it's not."

"What if my goal is to show you how much I love you?"

"Then it worked perfectly."

He kissed her one more time and then stood. "I need to leave." He exhaled. "Good night. See you in the morning. Come on, Reggie." He petted Daisy's head. "Good night, Girl."

"Good night." Katherine leaned against the closed door. "I'm so in love with that impossible jock."


Chapter 40

Saturday morning Gabriel knocked on Katherine's door, with Reggie at his side.

When Joshua answered, he petted the large dog and adjusted his bib. "Jordan said Reggie's going to Homecoming, is that true?"

"Sure is. This will be his fifth one."

"Since Daisy's his girlfriend, do you think she can go?"

"I doubt your mom will allow it."

"Probably not. If you're looking for her, she's freaking out as she's sorting laundry. She forgot to get us a sitter for tonight."

When Gabriel went to the laundry room, he put his arms around her. "I hear you have a problem."

"I can't go. With everything going on, I forgot to get a sitter. Angie and Mom are both going."

"Don't worry. I got this. Dad will be the disc jockey. Mom hates attending these things, she'll be happy for an excuse." Once Rebecca answered, he explained the situation. "Mom, I'll bring dinner. Don't spend time cooking."

He faced Katherine. "How about Chinese?" Katherine began to give him each child's order. "Never mind. I'll never remember that. Mom, any other ideas?" He hesitated. "The boys' like Italian, right? I can order large family-size lasagna."

When Katherine hesitated, he released a deep breath. "Let me guess either - Jeremy or Joshua don't like lasagna." She mouthed Jeremy. Frustrated he said, "Never mind. Everybody's getting cheeseburgers and fries." He put his phone away. "Mom wants a chicken sandwich. Who knew ordering food was so difficult?"

Katherine ran her hand along his muscular forearm. "I'm sorry. Are you positive you want to sign up for this?"

He put his arms around her and drew her close. "I'm sure. If ordering food is our worst problem, we got this." After a few kisses, he glanced up at the ceiling. "Need help with the boys' rooms?" After she nodded, he said, "I'm on it."

Moments later, Gabriel and the boys came downstairs. Katherine faced them as she paused from cleaning the bathroom. "A problem?"

"We're taking a fieldtrip. They don't believe my apartment's clean. I've told them I clean it every day. They don't believe me."

She glared at her second son. "Joshua?"

"Mom, come on. When does he have time? There's no way he can do it."

"I get up, do upper body on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, clean house, and then meet your mom for a run. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I work on lower body, clean house, and then run with your mom. Saturdays and Sundays I take a break, eat breakfast, read the newspaper, clean house, and come here." He flexed his muscles. "See my strategy works."

Jordan's eyes widened. "And you work out with us during practice." He glanced at his mom. "You work out before your run too, don't you?"

She nodded. "I do, and then work out and run with the girls."

Gabriel headed toward the door. "Come on; let's get this over so you can get started on your rooms."

When Gabriel and the boys returned, Katherine asked, "What's the verdict?"

Joshua hung his head. "I lost. His place is spotless. Did you know he has a gym set up in the spare bedroom?"

Katherine accepted a sack from Gabriel. "How would I? I've never been to his house." She glanced at the sack. "Lunch?"

Gabriel chuckled. "I thought we'd feed them and then make them work." He winked at her. "I think we need to correct the fact that you've never been to my place."

Once the boys finished eating they were sent upstairs to clean.

As Katherine and Gabriel picked up from lunch, he said, "When the boys are done, I thought they could pack for the night, I'll pick-up dinner, and take them out to Mom's. That way you have some free time. Sound good, or am I missing something?"

"It sounds wonderful. I'll have time to soak in a hot bubble bath." Katherine hesitated. "Will it give you enough time to get ready?"

"Yeah. All I need to do is give Reggie a bath."

She tilted her head. "Are you serious?"

"Of course, Reggie can't go to the dance smelling like a dog."

At the sound of the dryer's beep, Katherine turned. "Laundry calls."

Moments later she yelled, "No! This can't happen."

Gabriel came in. "What's wrong?"

Pushing the start button, she said, "This thing won't start. I do anywhere from fifteen to twenty loads a week. I have to have a dryer. Do you know a repairman?"

Jordan walked in the room. "Mom, what's wrong?"

Gabriel handed him his keys. "The dryer. Can you get my tools from the pick-up?"

After he nodded, Jordan left.

"Think you can fix it?"

"Probably. Dad used to fix everything around the house. I always watched and helped."

"Thank you." A timer went off. "Oh, I need to leave. I have to pick-up Jordan's corsage."

When Katherine returned, Gabriel had the dryer running. She kissed his cheek. "Thank you. I don't know what I'd do without you."

Pulling her into a hug, he said, "I don't plan on you ever finding out." He glanced toward the stairs. "I'd better check and see if the boys have made progress."

Jeremy ran downstairs. "Mom, what do I pack for Grandma's?"

Gabriel turned toward the stairs. "Boy, duty." He faced Katherine. "Can I give Jordan Jeremy duty? I want to spend time helping Joel."

"Sounds like a plan."

Gabriel and Reggie stood at Joel's bedroom door. When he glanced up, Gabriel said, "Is it okay if I come in? I thought you might like help."

Joel petted Reggie. "Sure. How long have you had him and why did you name him Reggie?"

"I got Reggie as a puppy. I've had him for six years. I named him after a famous..."

"Reggie White," interrupted Joel. "He was the number one all-time defensive lineman, 'Minister of Defense'."

"You're right. I didn't know you were interested in football."

"I am, but I'm not very good. I don't have Jordan's speed or Joshua's size and strength. I'm nobody."

"That's not true. You're somebody. You're younger than your brothers and haven't developed. I promise your body's going to start in a year or two. How old are you?"

"Just turned eleven." He mentally counted, "Three months ago."

"You'll start noticing body changes any day throughout the next year. For boys they start between eleven and twelve. You're probably going to get more awkward."

He covered his head with his arms. "My brothers pick on me already."

"I can help." Gabriel touched his shoulder. "But only if you want." After Joel nodded, he continued, "I'll give you a few exercises that help with balance."

Gabriel demonstrated three exercises and Joel did them with him. "Work on those for a few weeks. When you're ready, let me know and I'll give you some more." He got up to leave.

"Coach?" When Gabriel turned around, Joel put up his fist to bump.

After fist-bumping, Gabriel said, "If you need anything, I'm here. I understand sometimes it's easier to talk man-to-man than it is to your mom."

"Is that how you got roped into the girlie magazine incident with Joshua?"

Gabriel's eyes widened. "How'd you hear about that?"

"I overheard Jordan chewing out Joshua for being stupid."

"Understood." Glancing around the room, Gabriel said, "Let's get you packed. What you taking?"

After the packing was finished, Joel and Gabriel came downstairs. The rest of the boys were waiting.

Gabriel winked at Katherine before he said, "Any idea how many cheeseburger baskets I need?"

She glanced at Jordan. "One or two cheeseburgers?"


"Five cheeseburger baskets and two extra cheeseburgers. The second one's for Joshua. Don't forget your mom's chicken sandwich."

He chuckled. "There's always one odd person." He pointed for the boys to head out. "I'll have one of them run in with yours and Jordan's. Hopefully we haven't forgotten anything. Rest and relax. I'll return around six-fifteen." He kissed her and then left.

As Joel ran dinner into the house, Katherine directed Reggie to the pick-up. "He said something about if he stays, he won't have to take a bath."

Gabriel stood outside the pick-up. "He hates them. Come on you lazy lug."

Gabriel adjusted his suit jacket and tie before he knocked and entered Katherine's house with Reggie by his side with a bowtie around his neck.

Katherine smiled when she saw him. "Hello. You two are very handsome."

Staring at Katherine, Gabriel exhaled. "You were beautiful, but now you're...I don't know what's greater than beautiful. I'm at a loss for words. Wow!"

"Thank you."

Gabriel handed her a bouquet of flowers and a fresh flower hairclip. "I took a chance with the hair clip, but I see it'll work perfectly." Before Katherine could speak, he said, "I wanted to get flowers, but somehow a corsage didn't seem right."

Accepting them, Katherine said, "They're perfect. Thank you."

He lifted a necklace from her hand. "Need help with this?"

"I was waiting for Jordan."

"I'll do it." He went behind her as she lifted her hair. After the necklace was secured, he kissed her neck.

Katherine released a slow breath, closed her eyes, and held her stomach.

He stood in front of her. "A problem?"

She swallowed. "Please don't do that again."

"A new experience?" After she nodded, he continued, "Can I do it after we're married?"

Smiling Katherine said, "Definitely."

As she reached up to kiss him, Jordan called, "Mom, can you help with this tie. It's impossible."

She glanced at the flowers, as Gabriel said, "I got this. Take care of the flowers." He went upstairs.

As Katherine finished putting the flowers in a vase, and adding the hairclip, Gabriel came down the stairs. "Jordan will be right down."

With Jordan downstairs, Gabriel glanced at the door. "Ready?" He hesitated. "Can we take the SUV? I don't think Sammy wants to sit by Reggie."

Nodding, Katherine stopped. "Just a minute. I almost forgot." She hurried to the kitchen and returned with the corsage and a boutonniere. She handed the wrist corsage to Jordan. "I got petite roses because I didn't want it to be bulky." Facing Gabriel, she held up the boutonniere. "For you."

Gabriel accepted it. "Thank you. I don't have a clue what to do with it."

"I don't believe that." Katherine took it from him and removed the pin. "It goes here. I thought a navy rose bud would match the team colors. I was worried about it being too large and girlie, hence the rose bud." She took his hand and led him to her bedroom mirror. "Is it okay? If you don't like it, it's not required." She watched him in a mirror and sighed.

"You're handsome."

Turning, Gabriel kissed her. "Thank you." He grinned as he glanced at the bed and shook his head.

Katherine spied the bed and rushed out.

Gabriel took her hand. "You're cute when you blush." He glanced at Jordan. "Ready to pick up your date?"

"I guess. I'm getting nervous. What do I do with the corsage? Will I have to wear a flower? Will you two be watching? Or worse yet, will you be necking in the car?"

Chuckling, Gabriel said, "I promise not to neck in the car. We might embarrass Reggie. You know Daisy turned him down, don't you?"

After a pause, Gabriel continued, "Jordan, I'll be serious. Those are real concerns. I'm guessing you put the corsage over her hand. Chances are you'll get a boutonniere. Her mom might help you with it, if not, your mom will. By the way, I'd never disrespect your mom by necking in a car."

Holding hands, Gabriel and Katherine went to the car. As Gabriel held the car door for her, she whispered, "I love you."

He pecked her cheek. "And I love you."

Katherine watched Jordan walk up to Sammy's door. "I can't believe my baby's growing up. It seems just yesterday he was born."

Caressing her hand, Gabriel said, "Are you okay?"

She smiled. "I'd kiss you, but we promised Jordan we wouldn't."

He kissed her. "We promised not to neck. Didn't say a word about a kiss." He hesitated. "You seem a little nervous. Why?"

"Promise not to laugh." He nodded, and she said, "I've never been to Homecoming." When his eyes widened, she continued, "It's basically a jock dance. I refused to date jocks."

"I'm honored to be the jock you allowed to escort you to Homecoming." He caressed her hand. "I'll be by your side most of the night. I'll probably have to make some sort of speech and break up a few guys rivaling over the same girl. Unless something unforeseen happens, I'm all yours."

"Thank you. I appreciate it."

As Gabriel parked, Katherine said, "Jordan, you and Sammy go inside and get settled. We'll be along soon."

After the young couple got out, Gabriel asked, "What's that about?"

"I thought if we walked in with them, it'd be like we're supervising. Jordan deserves a date without his mom."

"Good idea. I hadn't thought of that." Gabriel hesitated. "How long do we wait?"

"I don't know."

After waiting a few minutes, Katherine exhaled. "I guess it's time."

Gabriel got out, walked around, and offered his hand to help Katherine out. He grinned. "You've never looked more gorgeous. I'm going to have to fight off the men."

Katherine leaned up and pecked his cheek. "You won't, because my heart belongs only to you."

Putting his hand in the small of her back, he escorted Katherine into the gym.

Once inside Bill and Angie walked to them. While Angie and Katherine hugged, Bill pulled Gabriel aside. "She's drop-dead gorgeous. When will you put a ring on her finger?"

"When I'm sure she'll say yes."

Bill slapped his buddy's back. "She will."

"I'm not so sure."

Mr. Edwards stood on stage. "Coach Hudson, please come up and say a few words."

Nodding toward Katherine, he turned and left. As he held the microphone, he welcomed everyone, reminded them of the rules, and to have fun, before he announced the first dance. "Ladies and gentlemen, my linemen started a new tradition. Our first dance will be 'The Stroll'. Mrs. Riley, will you help me start this party off?"

As their eyes met, she nodded and met him below the stage. He took her hand, and they waited for the linemen to line up with their dates and then the rest of the students. Soon the music started and they strolled down the line. It continued until all couples had strolled.

The dance finished, and Harold spoke, "Our next dance's a special request from a guy for his special lady. I've been asked to keep it anonymous. For this dance we'll turn the lights down low. Behave! Or it won't happen again."

The music started, and Gabriel held Katherine close. She stared into his eyes. "Do you happen to be the special guy?"

He grinned. "And you're his special lady." He released a deep breath. "I so want to kiss you."

"I feel the same. Look around and remember the example it'd set."

Gabriel chuckled. "True." As the song ended, the lights came on, but still dim. "Better walk around and make sure there's a space between them." He pointed to the left. "You go that way and I'll go right. We'll meet in the center."

After they met up, Katherine said, "Gabriel, would you dance with me?"

Gabriel took her offered hand. They went to the dance floor.

Before they could continue, the girls' cross country team interrupted and Rhonda asked, "Coach Riley, you're here with Coach. So you are dating?"

Katherine glanced at Gabriel. "I guess it's official. We're dating."

The girls clapped before they dispersed.

Gabriel took Katherine's hand. "Let's try this again."

As they danced, Mr. and Mrs. Edwards walked up. Gabriel kissed Mrs. Edwards cheek. "Hello, Peggy. I haven't seen you for a while. How have you been?"

"I've been fine. I've heard so much about the second part of the couple who's making sure my husband has job security. I had to meet her."

Gabriel introduced Katherine.

As the ladies talked, Paul asked, "Isn't it about time you made a commitment to that lady."

"I'm not sure Katherine's ready."

Paul's eyed widened. "I think she is. I've seen the way she looks at you."

After Peggy and Katherine joined the men, Paul faced Katherine. "Would you dance with me? Maybe I can convince you to keep this rascal under control."

"I have no control over him. My favorite line is, 'you're incorrigible.' He just laughs when I say it."

"I understand your problem," teased Paul.

Gabriel danced with Peggy.

As the night continued, Gabriel and Katherine danced between intermittent student checks.

While getting drinks, Jordan asked, "Coach, can I ask a question?"
"Of course. What's the problem?"

"Can we go someplace more private?" Jordan led him outside. "This is embarrassing." After studying his feet for a few moments, he said, "How do I say goodnight? Do I kiss her? Shake her hand? Hug her? If I hug her, is there an appropriate time limit for the hug?"

Gabriel nodded and after a few moments, he asked, "I guess my thought is how well do you like her?" He held up his hand. "Don't answer. Just think about it. If you like her a lot, then I'd say it'd be appropriate to peck her cheek. That'd give her an option to turn into the kiss. If you're unsure how you feel, then only a hug. If you're pretty sure it's not going anywhere, just thank her and say good night."

"Did you follow that with Mom?"

"Not really. As you know, this is our first date. I was never sure where I stood with her. She can be hard to figure out."

Jordan laughed. "Tell me about it." He glanced at the door. "I'd better get back. Thank you."

"No problem."

As they walked inside, Gabriel heard, "Coach Hudson! Over here!"

When he arrived, he saw Bill and Paul holding one boy and Katherine and Angie attempting to hold another.

He stood between them. "Knuckleheads, are you going to talk or fight?"

"He started it."

"I'm not moving in on your girl."

"Enough!" yelled Gabriel. When they were silent, he continued, "So this is over a girl. When you're ready to act respectable, we'll go outside and discuss it."

The boys took some deep breaths. After a few moments, he asked, "Ready to talk?" Both boys nodded, so he said, "You can release them. Let's go."

As Gabriel passed Katherine, she whispered, "I had help this time."

Chuckling, Gabriel said, "I noticed."

The two boys followed Gabriel outside.

The four talked while they waited for Gabriel's return.

"Did you get the boys calmed down?" asked Paul.

"Yes. It was the usual teenage jealousy." Gabriel cocked his head. "You four are intelligent. Why were two strong men holding one boy and two women holding the other? Why wasn't it divided up, one man and one woman?"

Paul scratched his head. "I don't know. We reacted and didn't take time to process."

Gabriel took Katherine's hand. "Let's dance."

She accepted his hand as he led her to the dance floor.

At the end of their second dance, Gabriel glanced at his watch. "There's about forty-five minutes left." He squeezed Katherine's hand. "I hope you've had fun."

She leaned her head against his arm. "I did. Thank you for inviting me."

Bill came up behind them and teased, "Kids, keep the appropriate distance."

Gabriel leaned down for a kiss.

Katherine raised her hand. "Not here. At home you can do that all night if you want."

His eyebrows rose. "Really?"

Bill laughed. "Severe case of 'foot-in-mouth'."

With crimson cheeks, Katherine said, "We need to do a student check." She left.

After Katherine walked the room, Gabriel caught up with her. Before he had a chance to speak, she said, "Don't you dare say anything."

He grinned. "I was going to ask you to dance."

"Okay." She took his hand. After a few moments she said, "I didn't mean..."

"Hush," interrupted Gabriel. "I knew what you meant, but your blush was adorable."

After more dances, Paul tapped Gabriel's shoulder. "It's time to do your thing."

He nodded, but said to Katherine, "Be right back. Don't move."

After walking onto the stage, Gabriel took the microphone. "Before our final dance, I want to thank you for coming and I hope you had a good time. Football team and their dates please stay and help turn this room back into a gymnasium. All coaches and chaperones please remain and assist."

He started to motion for the lights to dim, but paused. "Ms. Sarah, do not feed Reggie the leftovers no matter how much he begs. It upsets his stomach." He waited for the laughter to stop and then announced the last dance.

Gabriel held Katherine close as they danced. Once the music stopped, the lights came on and he announced, "Good night to those leaving and the rest get busy. Let's get this done and go home."

After the gym was cleaned, Gabriel with Marc by his side asked Sarah, "Have you seen Judy or maybe Katherine?"

She nodded and pointed toward two people sitting on the floor off to the side.

"Ms. Sarah, do you mind if Marc helps you?"

"Sure Coach, I could use help carrying things to the car."

Gabriel waited until Marc was out of hearing range then he knelt by the ladies. "Miss Carter, what seems to be the problem?"

"Marc hates me." She paused and then restarted, "Marc was talking with some guys and Darrin asked me to dance. I accepted. Darrin lives across the street and we've been friends like forever. We grew up together. We were never apart. I can't remember any time in my life when Darrin wasn't there. He's like a brother. I thought Marc understood, but I guess he didn't." She wiped a tear. "Marc came up called me a name and slugged Darrin."

"And the fight started." Gabriel offered her a napkin. "Darrin explained to Marc that you're only friends. I think Marc understood. He's worried and looking for you." He stood and offered his hand to help her up. "He's helping Ms. Sarah and should be here any minute."

Smiling Gabriel said, "Now it's your turn." He assisted Katherine.

"Thank you." Once Katherine stood, she put on her heels. "I was worried they'd get hung in the hem."

As Marc and Judy talked, Gabriel walked to them. "You two good?"

They both thanked him and walked off holding hands.

As they left, Jordan and Samantha walked up.

Katherine asked, "Did you have fun?"

After they indicated they did, Gabriel said, "Let's head to the car."

As Jordan walked Samantha to her door, Gabriel caressed Katherine's hand. "I doubt Jordan wants us watching."

"You're right." Her eyes met his. "How do you control students by doing nothing except being there? What's your secret?"

"I don't know. Maybe it's my size."

After Jordan got in the backseat, Gabriel asked, "Everything good?"

"Thanks, Coach."

As Gabriel nodded, Katherine's eyes widened. "Something I need to know?"

Grinning, Gabriel said, "Nope, a guy thing."

"All right." Katherine faced Jordan. "How does Gabriel keep student order by doing nothing but being there?"

"Probably his size and his presence. There's an air about him that says 'don't mess with me'."

Katherine leaned back in her seat. "How do I get it and how come I don't see it?"

Jordan chuckled. "Mom, don't worry. You don't have it."

Reaching over and taking her hand, Gabriel added, "You've never had a cause to see it. You've never made me angry. I doubt you're capable."

Her eyes widened. "Are you sure?"

"You've seen me frustrated, confused, jealous, and hurt, but never angry."

Silence continued the rest of the way home.

Once inside, Jordan kissed his mom's cheek. "Good night. I'll see you in the morning."

He nodded toward Gabriel. "Good night, Coach."

"See you tomorrow."

After Jordan went upstairs, Gabriel removed his suit jacket before he cuddled beside Katherine on the couch. "I need some quiet time with my gal." He kissed her. "We haven't had time to ourselves."

"Tonight was perfect".

He chuckled. "It was." He hesitated. "So Monday's big, right?"

"It is. Please, don't press me. I promise I'll tell you everything Monday."

"Okay, but I'm worried."

"I know." Her eyes twinkled. "Since we couldn't neck in the car, can we on the couch?"

A lingering kiss followed.

Katherine backed away. "Maybe we should stop."

He kissed her again. "Probably." He caressed her hand. "What plans do you have for tomorrow?"

"Groceries, rest, and work on my puzzle." She laughed. "Maybe we should get the boys."

"If you need a longer break, I could ask if Mom and Dad will take them another night. I'm sure they wouldn't mind."

Katherine pecked his cheek. "You're too good to me. No, we need to get them." She leaned her head against his shoulder and sighed. "I could really get used to this."

Thank you youtube. Possible song Gabriel asked his dad to play for his special gal.

In Case You Didn't Know by Brett Young


Katherine Riley: age 33 - widowed: husband died 6 months ago. She moved to Texas from NYC with her four sons. She teaches high school math and also coaches girls cross country.

Daisy: Katherine's yellow Labrador

Gabriel Hudson: High School football coach and former NFL defensive lineman

Reggie: a very large English Mastiff

Jeremy: Katherine's six year old son. He's in first grade.

Jordan: Katherine's fifteen year old son. He's a sophomore.

Joshua Katherine's thirteen year old son. He's in 8th grade

Joel Katherine's eleven year old son. He's in 6th grade.

Paul Edwards: High School principal and Gabriel's friend.

Rodney Frost: Math department head, at least for now.

Angie Brooks Math teacher and Katherine's friend.

Frank Collins Math teacher.

Rebecca and Harold Hudson Gabriel's parents

Sarah and Bob Beck Katherine's parents, Bob is deceased

Alan Green an Assistant Principal

Sandy Frost Rodney Frost's wife

Sam Auto repair shop owner

Bill Brooks Assistant football coach, Gabriel's friend, and Angie's husband.

Harold Hudson Gabriel's dad and football announcer.

Sandy Teenage girl on cross country team.

Judy Teenage girl on cross country team.

Rhonda Morgan Teenage girl on cross country team, and victim of dating violence.

Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Rhonda's parents.

Kenny Clark Teenager - Rhonda's boyfriend

Grace Former friend of Gabriel and featured in porn magazine

Janette & Jackson Riley Katherine's in-laws

Dr. Martin Jordan's doctor

Troy Elder Lawyer and friend of Gabriel from his pro-football days

UIL The University Interscholastic League exists to provide educational extracurricular academic, athletic, and music contests. The UIL was created by The University of Texas at Austin in 1910 and has grown into the largest inter-school org

Benjamin Weinberg Lawyer for George's mistress and baby

Gail Mitchel and her daughter, Jewel George's mistress and baby

Mr. Novak Riley's lawyer

Judge Ryan Washington Judge Troy asked to sit in the meeting.



Thank you Google images for sharing a photo of a homecoming dance. I also want to thank everybody for the helpful reviews. Again, thank you for catching those errors. There are 10 posts left after this one. I'm trying to post entire chapters, instead of posting them in parts. Katherine and Gabriel still have some life issues to navigate. This is truly the calm before the storm. This novel is not actually about football, but is part of the background. High football is a national pastime in Texas. This post is a little over 4200 words. I know it's long, sorry about that, but I am now posting entire chapters. I had this divided into three posts, but it's one chapter.

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