Letters and Diary Fiction posted December 22, 2021

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Revelation Chap, 13

Future Citizen!

by lauralumummu

Dear Diary, January 2024
Wow, I can’t believe it. I’m so excited! My chip just beeped! I scanned it on the wall screen, it said I can finally get my 8th booster! Yippee! I finally got my free toaster. I hope it is solar and battery-powered. Ever since all those people disappeared last December-- the grid has been down quite often, they say a shortage of workers is the culprit.

Now my social credit score is at the top level so I can do anything I want. Although there is hardly anyone around to do it with. Back in the fourth wave in 2022, they had the foresight to hire a lot of extra cardiologists. That was good– although it didn’t stop a lot of my family and friends dying of sudden heart attacks and strokes after their 3rd booster.

There are still some freedom fighters around but they are hidden in the wilderness and the hills. Mostly they are those Bible thumpers that say they are in the tribulation! They just can't accept that the government knows best. They keep refusing the hand or forehead digital passport that contains all our information.

They say we have no common sense, just educated fools. Well, I know enough not to use an umbrella that has holes in it. Duh! of course – I would get wet in a rainstorm. If it doesn’t work, why use it?

Well, I am sure those rebels hiding will be caught soon. Besides, they can’t buy or sell without the chip in their hand or forehead, so they will probably starve to death.

I am so glad -I always follow " the science". I am very proud --I am such a good citizen of the New World Order!


Future Flash Fiction contest entry


This fiction is satire but it could happen! I am trying to make people think! There is no vaccine that can obliterate a respiratory illness! The people disappeared from the Rapture, The dead in Christ will rise first, Caught up with the Lord. PS I am a Bible Thumper!
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