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Happy things are going on in Haven 5

A chapter in the book The End

Happy Trails

by Sherry Asbury

The Ojibwe, Ojibwa, Chippewa, or Saulteaux are Anishinaabe people in what is currently southern Canada and the northern Midwestern United States. According to the US census, in the United States, Ojibwe people are one of the largest tribal populations among Native American peoples. In Canada, they are the second-largest First Nations population, surpassed only by the Cree. They are one of the most numerous Indigenous Peoples north of the Rio Grande.

In our last chapter, we met Jericho, a member of the Ojibwe tribe who inhabit the Great Lakes region. The strange occurrences, bombs that fallen and wreaked havoc on the land have driven many people to the Havens that seem to be free of harmful effects. The Pods, as the underground dwellings are called, is a piece of land where Pods were built for war safety, but were abandoned and then taken over by a corporation of builders who specialized in High quality, and very elite housing. Now the Pods are used as housing for a variety of people chosen by a Lottery. Sinee Lewis was chosen in the New Jersey lottery and expected to live in one of the many dormitory Pods but found herself in a private pod.

Sinee has a genetically altered dog, Lancelot - who can speak - and does he ever speak! Someone had poisoned the little mutt and caused havoc in Haven #5. A group of Ojibwe, the Native Americans who inhabit the Great Lakes area, have come to the Haven. Jericho, a young paramedic saves Lancelot.

There is havoc everywhere as Hitcher and Cynthia Lewis, Sinee's parents come and the elder statesman or Prolean, steps in and relieves Tony Wharton of all rights and duties...the actor is told get his things and "nomad" it - which means to get on down the road and walk.


Lucas Haines wondered where he now fits in with the eerie changes and he edged out the hatch and disappeared.
Jericho's help for Lancelot was over, with ecstatic results, and he looked at Sinee, "I feel in the way, so I shall go,"

"No, please stay - you saved his life, and I ... I want to thank you." Sinee gave Jericho a bat of eyelashes and wondered if that worked as well on Native Americans as well as ... well...they were all men and she had that "come hither" look. Apparently, it didn't matter what color the outside was, Jericho, blushed and smiled shyly.

Hitcher and Cynthia turned off the message screen and looked pleased with how things were going. "Hey, son, don't hurry off. We need to celebrate." Hitcher went to Jericho and slapped him on the back - then hugged him.

Jericho looked lost but smiled sweetly at Sinee. Lancelot wobbled a bit from his turmoil but walked over to Jericho - causing several people to call out in concert: "Don't you pee on his leg, Lancelot."

The dog looked put upon and muttered, "I weren't gonna do that to my friend and fellow hunter...just wanted to lick his hand for savin me life!"

Jericho grinned and reached down, taking the pup in his brawny arms, whereupon Lancelot plastered a rain of doggie kisses across the warrior's face, causing everyone to laugh with glee.

Sinee watched with joy - glad Lancelot was well, and glad Jericho had come into their lives.

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