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An overheard conversation

A chapter in the book The End


by Sherry Asbury

In the last chapter, Tony Wharton used his influence as the head of the canteen to insinuate himself in Sinee's life. Lancelot, the little dog, has run out of his doggie door after Tony. Sinee tried calling him back but the dog ignored her. It was obvious Lance was bothered by something about the actor.

Later in the afternoon, the satphone rang and it was Cynthia who told her daughter it was just a friendly buzz. Sinee knew better. She could tell by her mother's voice that she too had a concern. But she just gossiped and chitchatted, not mentioning anything specific, until Sinee thanked her parents for the grocery help. She went quiet for a moment and then Sinee heard her saying something to her father.

Hitcher came on the line and asked her if Tony had mentioned the groceries to her. Sinee told him yes, and thanked him again. "Okay, babydoll - we are more than glad to take a worry off your shoulders. You buy anything you need, you hear?"

"Thank you, Daddy - but I won't take advantage."

"I know you won't - you have always been a good girl that way. But, listen, about Tony watch yourself with him, okay?"

"Daddy, what is it with you and Lancelot? I can tell Lance doesn't trust him."

"Oh, honey - you know how fathers and dogs are - a suspicious bunch. It's just that he's much more...sophisticated than you...older too. I sort of got the idea that Lucas kid and you were friendly?"

"Daddy, please - I am old enough to make up my own mind. Lucas is sweet and fun, and I do like him."

"Well, Sinee, I'm not trying to run your life. It's just that things are not always what they seem."

"I am sure finding that out, Daddy- you and Mom for instance?"

Hitcher made a noise in his throat and said, "Well, your Mom and me have reservations for dinner, so I gotta go. Be a good girl, now."

"Okay, Dad, and thanks for everything..." But the phone went dead and Sinee wondered why her father didn't want to talk anymore.

Sinee wandered around the pod, straightening up. Then she saw Lance's bowl and realized she hadn't fed him his supper - and realized she hadn't seen him in a while. Grabbing a jacket from the coat rack Sinee shrugged it on and went out the door. She was glad she had picked the quilted and padded coat because it was quite chilly in the Maine air.

Sinee called quietly for Lancelot, but there was no sign of the dog. She walked out beyond the tree line and past the canteen when she heard voices, several of them. Out of nowhere Lancelot bounded over to her and stopped her from going further. "What..." Lancelot shushed her and made the silent command he had learned as a puppy in training. Sinee thought about ignoring him, but there was something serious in the dog and the gesture.

Suddenly someone came up behind Sinee and clamped a firm gloved hand over her mouth. She jumped but was quiet - Lucas whispered, "It's me - we need to be really quiet."

Lucas pulled at her and she followed him half a block to a low grove of bushes where they hid. Lancelot disappeared but Sinee kept quiet. "I'm gonna take my hand away, but PLEASE, Sinee - don't say anything - Sinee nodded, yes, and stood very still.

After a few minutes, the group broke up...some coming the way where they would pass close to Sinee and Lucas. Lucas pulled her close again and gestured for her to squat. If the men got too close they would see Lucas and Sinee. Then Sinee almost made a noise of surprise as she saw Tony and Will, along with two other men she had seen at the canteen.

When the group was well down the street, Sinee turned to Lucas and mouthed, "What is going on?"

Lucas mimed for them to leave and head for the pods. Sinee was puzzled and a bit miffed at being kept in the dark. As soon as the hatch closed on Sinee's pod, she looked at Lucas and Lance... "Okay, what is this all about?"

Lancelot and Lucas tried to talk at once and Sinee crossed her arms - giving them a dirty look.

Lucas spoke up, "I didn't really hear's Lancelot that slunk on them and saw who they were."

The little dog was so excited he chased his tail until he realized he was too advanced to be doing such a doggie thing. "He, they...oh man!"

Sinee said, "That isn't very helpful, you know."

Lancelot jumped into Lucas' lap, which seemed to calm him some and he began to talk coherently, "Listen, I'm not sure just what they are up to...but it smells bad. The part that worried me was about Sinee..."

Lucas frowned and encouraged Lance to go on... 'Well, old Tony there he was talkin that he has Sinee 'under his thumb' and not to worry. Said he had kissed her and she had swooned, yuck, blech!"

Sinee stood up and shouted, "He just pecked my bloody cheek! My Gram has kissed me with more enthusiasm than that!!"

Lucas looked crestfallen and said, "But why did he kiss you, to begin with?"

Sinee looked in his puppy-dog eyes - then into Lancelot's puppy-dog eyes and felt like a harlot. "Come on, guys. I was just buying groceries and stuff and he put a bouquet of roses in my basket and...and yuck - kissed my cheek."

"Roses and a kiss?" Lucas said plaintively.

Sinee was touched by Lucas' forlorn attitude and walked over to where he stood.
She took his hand and kissed him on the cheek, watching emotion bloom in his green eyes. He really is a sweetie, she thought to herself. Lucas turned and she knew he was going to kiss her cheek, but instead, he turned to her mouth and placed warm lips on hers. Sinee's heart flip-flopped and Lucas deepened the kiss, sending hot flashes through her body.

They said goodnight like teenagers and Lucas promised her he would come by the next day and see if Lancelot had remembered anything more the group of men talked about.

Sleep didn't come easily that night as Sinee thought about Lucas' sweet attentions.

Morning came and Sinee jumped out of bed - eager for the new day. She went to feed Lancelot first thing as she always did. Two steps into the kitchen and she screamed. Little Lancelot was lying on his back on the kitchen floor...something green and awful leaking from his mouth. He was unresponsive and Sinee was sure he was dead.

Things are taking a new direction.

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