Supernatural Fiction posted November 9, 2021

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When Satan Came to the Party all hell broke loose

The Party From Hell

by jake cosmos aller

The Witch of Endor Contest Winner 
The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

Sam Adams
Had a reputation to maintain
He was a partier
A party dude
A party fiend,

He always threw the best parties
In the entire city
Everyone knew him
Everyone wanted to be him

Halloween was coming up
And he needed to find a special guest
Sam Adams
Was also into the occult
In a big way

That night
On the full moon
He chanted the words

To summon Satan
From the infamous forbidden

"6666666 99999 aba aba cadaba
I summon thee
Satan hear my plea
Om shanti".

Thunder and lightning shook the house
A foul smell of fire and brimstone
Filled his room.

Satan appeared
Dressed in a dark black suit
Dressed for a corporate board meeting

He growled

What do you want, Human?
Why have you summoned me?
I am late for a corporate gig.

Sam explained his dilemma
"I am throwing the mother of all Halloween parties
And I, well, need some special VIP's

Thought you might find it fun
To hang out and party
With some humans."

Satan smiled

"what a capitol idea.
I do like a good party.

But my appearance comes
At a cost
Your soul

If I come to the party
You will have 25 years
Of riches, fame, youth,
Wine, woman, and song.

You will be the top
Of your game
Famous throughout the world.

And yes,
You will have 25 more years
Of the best parties in the world,

But after that,
Your soul belongs to me
Do we have a deal?"

Sam signed the contract
The devil kept his end
The party was a great success,

Satan came with an entourage,
Supplied all the booze and drugs
And the rock band from hell
Rocked the joint down,

And the party ended
In a wild orgy
It was the party of all parties.

Satan had a great time
he entered into lots of contracts
drank a lot, and partied up
a storm.

Sam Adams woke up
With two naked demon lovers,
In his arms,
With the mother of all hangovers.

Sam vowed to live-out
His fantasies

Until the date
He would meet his ultimate fate.

Writing Prompt
Write a letter or poem to a soul who has passed to the other side, inviting them to your Halloween party.

Your guest may be real or fictional, famous, or personal. You may go for humorous (e.g. Krampus), sentimental (e.g. a childhood hero), SUPER CREEPY (e.g. Elizabeth Bathory, Joseph Stalin), or pick your own vibe. If you wish, explore a scenario where they show up to your party. Max 500 word count.

The Witch of Endor
Contest Winner

Sam Adams had a dilemma: he needed the ultimate VIP for his Halloween/birthday party to celebrate turning 40. He summoned up Satan who agreed to come but at a terrible cost - his soul, Sam thought 25 more years of great parties was worth the cost.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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