General Fiction posted October 17, 2021

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Two girls get a Happy trick with their treat.

Trick And Treat

by Lana Marie

Kimmy and her friend Vicki were getting ready to go trick-or-treating. They each decided to wear a princess dress because it made them feel so beautiful.
"I used to be afraid when I saw people dressed up in costumes," Kimmy said.
"My mommy brought me to the store and showed me all the different costumes that people dress up as. So now I know that there aren't real monsters and ghosts walking around the streets in our neighborhoods coming to our door asking for treats."
Every year mommy lets me go to the store and pick out my favorite candy so that I can share it with the other kids. Sometimes if they're really nice I give them two pieces of candy, and if it's getting late and we have extras, I grab the biggest handful of candy I can fit in my little hand and put it in their trick-or-treat bag.

One time when we rang the doorbell to somebody's house, they opened the door and we yelled "trick-or-treat" and there was a man and his dog that was dressed up like a porcupine. They showed us a really cool trick. The doggie was able to sit really still when the man put the candy on the dog's nose, and then the man told the doggie to put the candy in my bag. The doggie got up on his back legs and walked over to my friend and me. He turned in a circle and tilted his head down so the candy fell off his nose into my bag. We laughed and clapped and asked if he could do it again! He did it again and dropped the candy in my friend's bag. So that time we got to see a trick and get a treat!
Happy Halloween!

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