Supernatural Flash Fiction posted October 16, 2021

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Ghosts haunt a friendly restaurant.

Creepy Restaurant

by Raul1

Sheila was hanging with her friends at a restaurant. She was telling jokes, and they laughed at them.

It was a packed house. Business for the employees was booming. Waiters take the customers' orders.

"It is so funny, Sara," Sheila said of her joke.

"I know. Right? It looks like Harold doesn't know any better," Sara replied.

"He doesn't," Sheila said.

Ghosts appeared inside the place, and the strangers looked frightened. Blood keeps pouring out of the clients' noses. They all screamed. Sheila and her friends freaked out when the ghosts started murdering everyone inside.

Quickly Sara calls 911 from her cell. The responder answered.

"This is 911. What is your emergency?" He said.

"Please, come quick! People in here are dying! I don't know what to do," she replied.

"Calm down, tell us where the location is, and we'll be right there," he said.

"It is 178 Samson Street at the Harlton Mall right off highway 182! You won't believe me, but we have ghosts killing people," Sara explained.

"Is this some crank call?" the 911 helper complained.

"No, it is real," Sara cried.

"I don't have time for dumb jokes. We are busy saving lives! We will be right there! You are all in big trouble!" he said and hung up.

Sara, Sheila, and their friends' blood came out of their mouths. Everyone in the restaurant was dying. The police arrived at the scene to arrest the crank callers. They entered inside and saw all the people dead, the manager, and all her employees unconscious as well.

They have filed the report that the crank callers killed all those people. They were wanted for a prank call and murder. The criminals were missing. The detectives never believed that the ghosts were reponsible for the mass of deaths. It was the pranksters fault.

A few weeks passed, and they finished the case file of what happened that night. They figured out that Sara, Sheila, and her friends made the prank call dialing 911 for they also murdered everyone in a fancy restaurant. They ruled it a homicide. But the ghosts were the ones who killed them all. Nobody knew it.

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