General Poetry posted September 14, 2021

This work has reached the exceptional level
My feelings about being Pro Life and Pro Choice at the same


by nomi338

The subject of abortion may cause a distortion
In a conversation about the stages of gestation
Does life begin with the first breath taken?
The answer to that question might leave some shaken.

If you do not think life begins at conception
You may be a victim of a big deception.
Even as he was knitting my bones
To God my details were already known.

Our most intimate secrets are not hidden from his eyes
It is said, he mourns whenever a man dies.
Satan's provocations continue unabated
For his destruction, I have patiently waited

Unrestrained sexual attraction
Is now and has long been a source of distraction
Our conscience is being put to the test
We often exclude God who really does know best.

God has never blamed a child for how he came to be
If the God of life does not blame the child, then why should we?
Some unwanted children suffer that cannot be denied
In the new world to come that will be rectified

The child of David and Bathsheba, Died because of their sin
But he did not die before his life could begin
The deeds of great men in history have been widely reported
Just ask yourself, what if any one of them had been aborted?

Life is precious that is why God created it
The Devil does not care so he has berated it
We must treat life with the respect it deserves
Showing the giver of life, it is he alone we serve.



To begin with, I am pro life and prochoice at the same time.
In America we enjoy many freedoms; the freedom to choose our religion; military service and branch; to vote or not; to be vaccinated or not; to own guns or not; to drive, ride a bike, take public transportation to walk or run. Just a host of choices that we take for granted every day.
On the other hand, a female can have pregnancy forced upon her without her consent, and not necessarily by violent force. If she is too young to know the consequences of unprotected sex, or if she is a child bride, barely old enough to conceive.
Some consider childbirth to be an easy as pie operation with a little bit of unpleasantness and then the miracle happens, viola! Far too many females have died either during childbirth or shortly thereafter for this fairy tale to still be believed.
Despite all this I still choose life, but being a man, the decision to give birth or not, does not belong to me.
This poem was not easy for me to write, mainly because I am so involved emotionally that my opinions appear to be all over the place. I hope that the prochoice people do not hate me too much. For I am not against your right to choose.
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