Commentary and Philosophy Poetry posted September 19, 2021

This work has reached the exceptional level
not about you, but for friend August

This Ordinary Day

by RGstar

This Ordinary Day

This ordinary day, of Earth's blooms, which, for you, the most worth?
As we mock the disabled, and those deemed birth
How we usurp without need, cursing colours, cursing creed
But when cut, so to concede, in much the same way we bleed


This ordinary day, how thick the skin that stands between?
While a pining heart, as much a part, is ever, seldom seen

When we fall, peace ensues, why not, before, same peace pursue
Prejudice of the few is servitude for lives in lieu


This ordinary day, a child scorned, in dreams, will hide away
Lest its kings, queens and playing fields, too, fade to grey
Awake, ingests our own candy; wafer thin
Where once had no concepts of skin, or shade its living in


This ordinary day, I dream of days when all have their say
Whether as orchids bright, or just pollen once swept away
For, tell me! ''What colour are tears? ...Which so bears the most pain?
Blue, from own disdain?...Or such, from which love abstains?


This ordinary day, unite! ...For everyday we wreaths lay
Along quiet paths we know well, for there's still so much to say
Let's sprinkle wisdom and truth, without callousness of mind
Above all, let the likeness of being, all hearts...with love, find

...This ordinary day

Poem of the Month contest entry



Dedicated to my friend, and our friend...once fine author here, August (crzypnter) who sadly passed away a week or so ago. His work is synonymous with the few here who are able to own what they write, original and deep, expressed much of his pain in codes. An intelligent man, who, aware of his disability, approached it with strength and virtue, as well as much pain held inside. A strong man, but in the end had to give way to his disability. I am distraught.

Thank you Amber (daughter) for your strength in loss. My condolences.

This is also for the prejudiced, the disabled, the abused... all who know the meaning of suffering...suffering in silence.

Let us hope for that new day.

For August...RIP
...and the very many...held by the very few.

Have a pleasant Sunday. Thank you for reading.

Usurp = 1) take the place of (someone in a position of power) illegally; supplant... 2) encroach or infringe upon (someone's rights)

Disdain = the feeling that someone or something is unworthy of one's consideration or respect.

Likeness of being = Likeness that is common in each

In Lieu = instead of...If you do, get, or give something in lieu, you do, get, or give it instead of something else, because the two things are considered to have the same value or

Callousness = insensitive and cruel disregard for others.

Servitude = the state of being a slave or completely subject to someone more powerful.

Musical score by my learned and talented friend and composer, Kerri Powles.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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