Horror and Thriller Flash Fiction posted August 20, 2021

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Deceased Elvis sings to a couple.

Elvis Presley Ghost

by Raul1

Pamela knew that Elvis is dead. Her boyfriend Peter knew it also. So, why does it have to involve them? By no means at all. She hinted to him that she saw Elvis sing to her yesterday night. Peter told her she was crazy.

Elvis scared Pamela by singing Jailhouse Rock to her last night. Peter told her she was hallucinated. They were at home. She called to follow her to their room.

She opened the door and pointed at the singer. When Peter saw Elvis sing, he screamed and got chills. Both were very frightened of Elvis Presly.

"I don't get it! It is 1990, and he is here?" Peter was shocked.

"Honey, it is only for a one-night concert," she responded.

Pamela, instead of being frightened, enjoyed all of teh songs Elvis Presley he has sung that night. Peter was fuming.

"Look, man! I was just woke up from my burial and crashed at your place. It was easy to find. Let me sing my songs without any fuss. All right, buddy?" Elvis explained. 

What will Peter do unless Elvis does him a favor?

Sing Hound Dog for both of us!" Peter growled.

So, Elvis sang Hound Dog to the couple. Pamela took a picture of Elvis Presley. Once Mr. Presley had finished, he went back to his grave and never bothered them again.

The next day, Pamela sent the picture of Elvis to Facebook. All her friends saw it, were stunned, and fainted dead to the floor.

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