War and History Poetry posted July 25, 2021

This work has reached the exceptional level
for my friend, The Marine

A Day At The Beach

by RGstar

Poem of the Month Contest Winner 

She chirped happily today, asked if to the beach could stray,
She said, ''Grandpa, I know it's grey, if just an hour to play''
He then smiled at the thought, for in so many ways he ought
For this D-day she's five...another lesson to be taught

He recollects going to ground, sounds of mortar all around
Lead hissing like ocean waves, the sea-sickness there profound
Shells like weighted leaves, piercing the silence that fear bequeathed
Disembarking for peace, so many not reach, hell unleashed

''I'll take my balloon'' she said, of her favorite colour red
And, for a moment, dread, as he remembered those who bled
Her tiny hand found his--love combined, soothing thus his mind
Looking down, he saw Hope; knowing his path her name defined

In no time they were there, salted air and breakwaters near
They spoke of valiant men, and well she listened without fear
Unexpectedly, a surprise be--her balloon set free, sailing high
''For your friends,'' she hailed,'' who wait at crossroads in the sky''

Oh, yes, he smiled, holding back tears , those he alone beared
A bugle sounded from some other place, as grey too cleared
She tugged his hand...''Come Grandpa, let's continue on the sand!''
Their footprints soon flew the land, t'was so they walked...hand in hand

How then the stillness of the day, honored in her own way
''Happy Birthday Hope,'' he smiled...t'was a good day, a good day
For death he no longer feared, though soon it would come to be
Salute, to the brave of men, sentinels all, proud and free...

free, at one with the sea...for all eternity
...all eternity...free...free...free...

Poem of the Month
Contest Winner



He was a Marine, he still is a Marine...and always will be a Marine.
For my friend Bob (Mastery) RIP

Breakwater=A breakwater is a wooden or stone wall that extends from the shore into the sea and is built in order to protect a harbour or beach from the force of the waves.

Here are some of the words from the musical score (Quiet's Theme).
Fitting the time, fitting the moment
...for your thoughts.

In the sky
These words for me
Tasted sweet
It let me live
Let me breathe
Hurts so bad
But still
Saved my soul
Of a brighter past
They bloomed so free
Beneath the sun
I want to give them to you
So you can see
What we left there''

RIP my friend. You will never be forgotten...at least not here.
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