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How I keep Tabitha cool in hot weather.


by aryr

Hi there, Tabitha here. Now since we are on the topic of high heat, it is really a no brainer, my parents have the most wonderful of inventions-AC or as most people refer to as air conditioning.

Oh, by the way, my loving and caring mom is typing this for me since I haven't mastered her laptop yet.

We are in North Dakota for the summer, near Bismarck and some of the temperatures have reached the low triple digits. One would almost think we are in Arizona for a change. Hey, I do watch TV/television and many times I have seen those triple digits. You do know that my mom is retired but my dad still works. We travel north in the summer and south in the winter, wherever the company sends us. Oh and we live in a recreational vehicle/RV for short.

I really feel for those poor critters that have no permanent home. The other cats and dogs, I mean, but I guess for the cattle, the horses and the wildlife. Hey, did you know we are in bison country?

Years ago when my mom first met my dad, she sure set him straight about the difference between bison and buffalo. Anyway, she puts out fresh water in the morning and night for any animals that show up, and a small dish of cat crunch. After all I am a cat. It is Sallie's old dish from when she was around.

Good old mom but I do get worried when she choses to sit outside in the sun, while I enjoy the AC. It must be a people thing.

Thank you so much for the artwork titled Fur, Round Eyes & Meow! by seshadri_sreenivasan.

And a special thank you to damommy for creating this challenge.

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Artwork by seshadri_sreenivasan at

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