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The nativity told in my words and view

Jesus Comes

by Rikki66

Ary ben David woke at his usual early hour. The cock had yet to crow, and the sunrise was not a glimmer in the eastern sky. Only the bright moving star gave hint that this day might differ from other hot dusty days and cool nights.

The Roman Emperors' need for money for yet another war had the tax collectors of the empire trying to squeeze the last shekel out of every citizen. Thusly the inn was nearly full with those returning to the house of David to pay as they must, Ary expected that by sunset or sooner the inn would be full.
Ary, went first to the cooking area to stoke the fires, the marketing would come later. In the living area he picked up waste from the night before, then he woke his family to begin their duties for the day. Clean the stable, prepare the food, fetch water from the well, milk the goats, collect the eggs, care for the animals and the guest.

Joseph and his espoused Mary, and their servants had been on the road five days they expected to arrive in Bethelem this evening unless Mary tired too quickly in the heat of the day. As it neared time for the birth of the child she had had less and less

energy in the heat. She was of good spirit and had the glow of Jehova about her.

The closer they got to the city the more traffic they encountered, there seem to be as many leaving as arriving. Joseph called to his steward, Levi, " See if you can find us shelter for the night."
"Yes, master", as he departed.
Joseph went to Mary, riding on a donkey, as they moved slowly, "I fear we may not find good shelter this night."
"If it is so it is so, the Lord will provide."
"Ever the believer."
Mary smiled and prodded the donkey onward.
After a while, Levi returned and spoke to Joseph. "Master I can find no inn with rooms." There is one with a stable that is a possibility, if you will come with me we will see Ary ben David and make arrangements.
At the inn, Joseph surveyed the stable it had a lean-to shelter at the back of a fenced corral. Joseph knocked on the door of the inn, Ary greeted him with his name. "Your steward told me of your plight, I sorrow that I have only a stable to offer."
"Fear not Ary, after five days on the road it is a welcome sight."
" When will the child come?"
"My wife's maid says that tonight or tomorrow at the latest."
"I shall send Levi, for Mary and her maid, Ruth, and we shall make ourselves to home."
Arriving, Ruth, Levi, and Joseph made a bed for Mary in preparing for the birth of the child.
As the evening faded into darkness, the star seemed to hang over Bethlehem, and Mary claimed "Blessed will be this night."
As the night passed shepherds began arriving at the stable.
"Why are you here?"Joseph asks.
They answered in unison, "Angels came and told us a savior would be born here tonight. So we came."
Ruth exited the lean-to that had been covered by robes, to announce to all "a son has been born Mary said his name is to be called, Jesus"
Joseph and the shepherds stepped to the lean-to, the child lay in a manger, they fell to their knees in worship.


This is my view of the nativity from a historical perspective.
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