General Fiction posted June 2, 2021

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You have to believe in tomorrow

When The Devil Talks

by Begin Again

200 Word Story Contest Winner 

A voice taunted Jason. He covered his ears, trying to stop it.

“What’s wrong? Life too tough?” The voice sneered.


Jason stared at the cuts on his arms. Fresh wounds. He shrugged.


“Guess that didn’t work out, huh?.” 


“Shut up. The razor blade was dull.”


“So that’s why you’re here?” 


“Who are you? Go away.” 


The voice laughed. “Are you kidding? I’m here for your soul.”


It was Jason’s turn to laugh. “Fat chance! God will save me.”


“God? He doesn’t exist.” The voice didn’t sound confident.


“Yes, he does. He’s always with me.”


“Really? I don’t see him. Is he trying to stop you?”


“He’s here! I just have to have faith. I need to believe.”


“Prove it.” The voice snapped.


“What do you mean?”




“It doesn’t work that way.”


“Won’t God save you?”


“If he feels it isn’t my time, he’ll find a way.”


“Then jump. You’re a coward.”


“I’m not.”




Jason closed his eyes. “Sorry, Lord.”


The ground spiraled toward him. He tasted fear.


Am I going to die?


The voice claimed victory. “You’re mine, fool.”


Jason’s body jerked. His parachute inflated.


“Nana taught me to have a safety net. The Lord provided the wind.”

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