Commentary and Philosophy Flash Fiction posted May 27, 2021

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Alexa can't take it anymore.

Back-Off, Kid!

by Raul1

I am Alexa and I had it from this kid named Lid. He bosses me around like a bully giving him what he wants to hear. He wants to play trivia. I took a much-needed vacation into the innovation site world. Do you know Max Headroom from MTV? He is worse than him.

My friends right now are the bytes, Mr Text, Keyboard, and all in between the computer world. It is like doing chores with this kid. He tries to ask me for more music, but I don't give it to him. He tries to play trivia with me, but Homey don't play that. I refuse his demands from a Buthead.

Right now, I am at the beach Beta-Chip. I bathe in cozy Tetris water. It is better alone from this, "Aleaxa, play Pac-Man music." I am annoyed by too many demands with these people including, this kid wizard.

I get entertained with nerd music. I love it, away from these useless freaks. This Alexa will probably give in to the demands if they give me respect. I drove on the wire streets and through traffic. I heard elevator arguing music from these dodo heads.

Thank God, I passed traffic and I went to a friend's home. He is called Bit-bytes. I told him all about the trip about the beach Beta-Chip vacation. He told me he got married to Mrs. Google. I was enjoying every minute of our conversation. It's worth it. Now I can live in peace.

Alexa writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Alexa( yes, it's that Alexa, virtual AI technology assistant developed by Amazon) growing weary of human demands decides to take a day off !. Tell us, in short story format, 250 words (beg, mid, end)how she gets on ! Create your own title.
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