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Hello! I Have Something To Say

by Begin Again

Today, I am unveiling one of the best-kept secrets on FanStory. I will reveal intrigue, lies, misconceptions, touching moments, and much more. 


Do I have your full attention now? 


As members of FanStory, we love expressing ourselves, our emotions, our thoughts, and our beliefs. We hope that while we find enjoyment in writing our poems and prose, others will also read and take away some pleasure. 


Every morning, I sit down at my computer and sip my coffee while I impatiently wait for it to boot up and get to my favorite site. I live in the country, so it can be a tedious wait. Anyhow, once I’ve arrived, my eyes race to see how many replies, reviews, and messages came during the night. I check my replies first because I like to know what my friends and new acquaintances feel about reviews I made on their endeavors. 


Second, I run through my messages to see who has left me stories to read. It’s nice to find an assortment of adventures that await me. Often, which makes me very happy, I find private messages from my dear friends filled with news, jokes, and encouragement. 


Last but far from least, I check the reviews. Since I often post late at night, the morning messages tell me whether I skillfully missed the mark, fell off the edge with dreadful errors, or hopefully someone enjoyed what I wrote. Of course, I prefer the latter, but the others are extremely helpful in sending me down the straight and narrow path of writing it correctly.


Now, here comes the extra special, juicy gossip that I mysteriously promised at the beginning of this ramble. On April 9th, I received a message from my dear friend, Susan, asking if I’d had the opportunity to read a newcomer’s stories. She said she thought he could be one of the best writers on FanStory. 


Well, of course, my interest was piqued. I immediately found the writer in the community section and proceeded to read. Humor and heartfelt emotion abound in his stories, but he struggled with the ins and outs of FanStory. Something we all have faced, at one time or another. As a newbie, he hadn’t finessed the navigating procedures of the site nor the helpful (especially those challenged by their eyesight - me!) way of setting up the stories for an easy read. His lack of readership is a huge loss for the site.


Enough said! I would like to introduce a new, but definitely inspiring writer on FanStory. His name is Webb Johnson - please take note so you can check out his portfolio and his awesome smile.



His current portfolio includes:

“Emma’s Gift”  - a beautifully written story of a summer art class and a withdrawn, abused girl who skilfully addresses life through her drawings.


“Fine Dining At the Seven-Eleven” - A twist of humor on a homeless man’s desire for a hotdog.

 A sampling of reviews: 
I know that this story is fiction, but you told it so convincingly that I believed what I was reading.

Once again I have taken great delight in your short, short story. What rings throughout is authenticity. I could believe that this happened and your ability to capture mood and ambiance is uncanny.


“A Fishy Tale” - three men in a bar swapping the biggest fish stories ever told.

 A sampling of reviews:
Once again, I am in awe of your ability to tell a tale. The ending is a killer, particularly since you managed in advance to have a sleazy lawyer and crackhead ex abscond with all the potential evidence. 

“Pheasant Under Glass” - When the entree declines the invitation to a gourmet dinner.

A sampling of reviews:
Where in heaven’s name do you get your imagination? I thought I had a fairly healthy one, but you take the cake, and in the process, you're able to express what's on your mind so well.


“A Small Con Game” - a retired cop matches wits with grifters.

 A sampling of reviews:
Great story, Webb. I was engaged the whole way through. I like your writing style and your sense of humor. Reading your story was kind of like watching an old Dragnet show with Jack Webb.

Once again, you've delighted me with your creativity and absolute authenticity. Your style and grammar changed just enough to make me believe a retired cop wrote it.


Your humor and knowledge made this an exceptional read. I enjoyed it from start to finish.

“Sometimes We Get What We Need” - We don’t always get what we want.

A sampling of reviews:

You have delighted me again with a very original and captivating short story.

Wonderful - He did get what he needed even if he wasn't aware of it...Awesome! I enjoyed your story. 


These are a few of his Six Star posts. I would like to encourage all of you to stop by Webb’s site. I am sure you will find a story or two that will entertain you, provide a chuckle or two, or simply enjoy. I found a “gem” of a writer, and I would like to share my discovery with each of you. His incredible writing ability needs to be recognized by more friends on FanStory.


That’s my good deed for the day. Thanks for stopping by and listening to my thoughts. Have a great day!


Smiles to one and all!


After the ideas of Liz and Robyn about supporting our writers and offering surprise bonuses, etc. and the "extras" I've received from so many friends including Sandra, Susan and Helen I thought it would be a great idea to "give back" by recommending a fantastic writer to everyone. I hope you will check out Webb's portfolio and you will agree.
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