General Fiction posted April 1, 2021

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after being in a difficult situation I got ...

Help from a TOTAL stranger!

by Rebel Jim

The Forest Contest Winner 

While out camping and fishing because I felt I needed the solitude,
I was told of a place that would be the most beautiful place that I'd ever seen...
It was out in the high mountains of Colorado, a little ways out from Pike's Peak.

There I was out trying to do some fly fishing ( I still wasn't very good at it )
when I saw what looked like a bear but walking on it's two hind legs like a man, after seeing that I decided it was time to pack it in.

As I was walking back to the cabin and looking back over my shoulder,
hoping that thing wasn't following me, I tripped on a log and rolled down a pretty rough hill.

When I regained some of my semi-consciousness I remember smelling this awful rank smell, then I passed out again.

The next time I came to, I was in my bunk in my cabin.

Everything looked like it was still where it should be,
except the door looked like it had been kicked in.
An' yeah the HAM radio was still working, that's how I called for help.

When help finally showed up, they noticed the caved in door...
But they also noticed some long brown hairs in amid the splinters
of my broken door.

To this day, I'm still wondering... Who or what saved me?!

Writing Prompt
Write a story about the forest and something in it. It has to be fictional and have at least 2 characters.

The Forest
Contest Winner


NAHH!... Couldn't be... But then again!... Bigfoot?
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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