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A Woman Scorned

by blondie560

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

I was in no mood tonight. It had been a horrible day at work, I had a fight with the dry cleaner who had lost the two skirts I dropped off last week, and my on again-off again boyfriend, Lane, decided to be off again. I told him to go to hell, and we’d never be on again. All I wanted to do now was have a burger and a cold draft, or two.

I pulled into the parking lot of Pudgie’s. It was a Tuesday night, and the lot was almost vacant. I liked that. I wouldn’t have to answer the age old question: what’s a pretty lady like you doing here all alone? It was the dumbest pick-up line ever, followed by what’s your sign? If I had a dime for all the times I had been hit on by those two lines, I wouldn’t have to keep working two jobs.

I work here at Pudgie's on the weekends. My brother is best friends with Brian “Pudgie” Lambert. He is like a second big brother to me and he looks out for me while I work. If anyone started getting too touchy he’ll be having words with the guy. I can take care of the offender on my own, but there are times it's nice to have the back up. 

I pull open the door, and see Brian behind the bar drying some glasses and Lyle Olson as the only patron in the bar.

“Hi Brian. Hi Lyle. How’s it going?”

“Hey Kitty, what are you doing here today? Can’t stay away?” Brian says with a laugh.

“A really shitty day, and I knew it would be quiet here. Plus, where else could I get the best burger in town?”

 “I’ll get that started for you. I gave John the night off. His daughter had a school thing, and he misses too many of them.”

“That was nice of you, Brian. He doesn’t like to ask for time off. I’m sure it will make Stephanie happy to have both her parents there.”

“I’m taking off Pudge. See ya around.” Lyle said. “Always a pleasure, Kitty.”

“Goodnight Lyle.” 

“Help yourself to the beer. I’ll be out soon.” Brian says heading to the kitchen.

The door to the bar opens again and another woman walks in.

“I’ll take care of her. You go cook.”

I walk behind the bar and greet the woman.

“Hi, what can I get you?”

“I’ll have a glass of white wine, Zinfandel if you have it.”

“Sure. Do you want to see a menu?”

“I don’t think so. I just need a glass of wine. Rough day, you know?”

“You’re preaching to the choir, sister.”

I pour the woman a glass of wine and place it in front of her.

“Do you want to start a tab?” 

“Sure, though I don’t know how long I’ll hang around. I just needed to chill for a bit. Is it always this quiet in here? I wasn’t even sure if the place was open when I pulled in.”

“Mondays and Tuesdays are pretty quiet. It picks up mid-week. Weekends it’s like a zoo here. Great for tips, but not for chilling.”

“I’ve been driving all day and needed a break. It was like a sign from above when I saw the neon sign lit up.”

“Pudgie’s is pretty far off the main road. Are you taking a scenic route? Oh, I’m sorry, it’s none of my business. I came in for some quiet time myself, and here I am asking dumb questions.”

“No, that’s okay. I was on the freeway, and I needed gas. I got off about twenty miles back, and then I decided to see what was beyond the freeway. The colors of the trees lured me in to take the two lane highway. The seasons don’t change much where I’m from, so it was nice seeing nature in a different light.”

“You’re from the south. If you hang around this area for a couple of weeks, you might get to experience snow. That’s how quickly our weather can change. What brings you north? God, there I go again asking questions. I’m going to go check on my burger that Brian’s cooking. Are you sure you don’t want to order anything to eat?”

“You just mentioned a burger and that sounds pretty good.”

“Great. I’ll tell him to throw another one on the grill.”

I walk into the kitchen just as Brian is putting the fries on the plate.

“Perfect timing. I was just going to bring it out to you.”

“Can you make me another one? The woman out there just ordered one, so I’ll give her this one.”

“Sure. Is everything ok out there? I didn’t mean to put you to work when you’re not scheduled.”

“Brian, you know I’d help out whenever I can, and besides which, there's only the one woman and myself out there, and you’re making my dinner. It’s the least I can do.”

I grab the ketchup and mustard containers and take the burger out to the woman. When I look up, I see that Sharon and Cliff Roberts have come into the bar and sat down at a table. 

“Hey guys, I’ll be right with you. Brian’s in the back cooking.”

“No rush Kitty. Take your time. Why are you even working on a Tuesday?” Sharon asks.

“Not really working. Came in for a burger and a beer. Just helping out.” I smile at them and then sets the plate down in front of the woman.

“Isn’t this your burger?”

“Brian’s making another, but this one was done. I can wait. By the way, I’m Kitty, but you probably guessed that already.”

“Jeannie. Nice to meet you Kitty. Is that a nickname?”

“Now that’s a funny story. My name is actually Laura, but no one calls me that. My older brother started calling me Kitty after I was born. He thought I looked like a kitten when I was lying on my tummy because I had a lot of dark hair when I was born. He was only one and a half at the time, but it stuck, and soon I was always called Kitty. My mother said she thought about actually having my name legally changed since no one was calling me Laura; except for the pastor of our church and the elementary school secretary. They always called me Laura."

“That is really cute. I don’t have any brothers or sisters. I have moments where I wished I had some. It’s lonely sometimes, but at the same time I never had to share things either.”

“I also have two sisters that are younger. I guess I was better off than them. I got things new and they got hand-me-downs.”

Brian brings out my burger and then goes over to take care of the other table.

“Well, I should leave you to eat and enjoy your quiet time,” I say while taking my plate around the bar.

“Please join me, I don’t mind the conversation, and it helps keep my mind off my problems,” Jeannie says with a smile.

“I’d like that too.” I take my plate and beer and sits down next to her.

“I hope your shitty day wasn’t as bad as mine was,” I say, while putting ketchup on my burger.

“I don’t know about that, mine was pretty shitty. It explains better how I actually found this place. I didn't just decide to take a rambling drive in the country. I’m actually looking for someone, and I think they’re somewhere in this area."

“That sounds deceptively vague.”

“It’s my asshole, soon-to-be ex-husband, who better hope I don’t find him because I’m going to cut his balls off before I kill him and enjoy watching him suffer.”

“Damn, what did he do, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I found out that he’s possibly having a long distance affair. We've been married, happily I thought, for five years. After we celebrated our second anniversary, he announced he had gotten a huge promotion, but the downside was it would require him to travel a lot. I didn’t think anything about it and was actually proud of him. At first he would be gone for a week here, a week there. Then it started stretching out to a month at a time. But he’d be in such a good mood when he came home and showered me with gifts and attention. I loved it. After about a year of this, he announced that he was going to be gone for six months.”

“Six months? Why was he going to be gone that long?”

“He said he had to travel to all of the northwestern states to conduct seminars and training. He didn’t think it would be worth flying home on Saturday, only to leave again on Sunday. It made sense, but I asked him if he couldn’t possibly work a short week around the three month mark and come home for a long weekend. He said he’d see what he could work out. During the first six month separation, he did come home for a long weekend for our anniversary. After the six months ended, he was home for about a month, but then he said he had to do it again.”

“What made you think he wasn’t doing what he said?”

“I was ready to start a family. We had talked about it early in our marriage and said after four years we would start trying. When I brought it up after he had come home from his second long trip, he wasn’t on board like I thought he would be. He said we really weren’t financially set, even though we both have well paying jobs. I assumed he was getting paid handsomely for the amount of travel required. He thought we should wait another year. We argued about it on and off for awhile, but he kept coming up with all kinds of new excuses. Our arguing was escalating to the point of not speaking to each other for days."

I quietly eat my dinner as Jeannie continued on. It was like she was pouring out all of her heartache. I don't mind, but I feel sorry for Jeannie being married to such a bastard.

“He dropped the bombshell that he had to leave again for another six months," Jeannie continues. "That's when I feared he was having an affair. I thought it was one of his co-workers who was taking these long strips with him.Then I found out that no one else from his company was traveling. Since he had always taken care of the bills, I figured he could be hiding expenses, so I went on the computer to get copies of our credit card statements. I noticed that there were certain charges that didn’t fit the narrative of where he told me he was supposed to be. Hotels, high end restaurants, things like that. The more I looked, I started to notice that most of these charges were in this general area. I looked up all the hotels and restaurants in a thirty mile radius, and one restaurant was on there a lot, Tango.”

“Tango? Wow that’s a pretty ritzy place. I dated a guy for awhile that loved to take me there. He seemed to think whenever he screwed up, he could take me there to apologize, so I’d forgive him. Turned out he was an asshole too. We would date for awhile and things would be great, and then it was like he fell of the face of the earth, only to contact me out of the blue months later and would want to start over. God, when I say it out loud it makes me wonder why I continued to put up with that shit. In fact, he’s part of my shitty day. He told me that he was going to go on some long business trip, and I told him I had had enough of his bullshit, and I never wanted to hear from him again. He told me to stop being so dramatic. Sounds like he and your husband would get along well.”

“How long were you with this guy?”

“About three years on and off. Three years I’ll never get back. I met him through a friend at a party. He was a cousin of another guest at the party. He said he has just moved to the area. We hit it off right away. After about three months of dating, he told me he had a family emergency and had to leave for awhile. That seemed understandable, but when I asked him some questions about what kind of emergency, or where he had to go, or when he'd be back, his answers were pretty vague. He said he didn’t want to burden me with his messed up family drama. He didn't call me for two weeks, and I tried his cell phone number, but it said it was disconnected. Of course he had excuses when he did call me again, and like an idiot I bought them.”

“Well, we make a fine pair don’t we? We could start our own club. We could call it the Gullible Girls Club.”

“I would hope we wouldn’t have too many members in it.”

“Unfortunately, I’m afraid we’d have too many members.”

"Fucking men! So you drove here to find him and confront him?”

“I wanted proof and not his excuses. I guess I didn’t really think how I was going to find him, or what I'd do if I did find him, but I was so angry at him and angry at myself for allowing this to happen. I threw some clothes in a bag and jumped in my car, and now I’m sitting in a bar in Pleasant Harbor wondering if Lane might walk in the door.”

“Lane? Is that your husband’s name?” I ask.

“Yeah. Are you alright? You look like you just saw a ghost or something.” 

“Jeannie, this is going to sound weird, but Lane is my loser boyfriend’s name.”

We sit in silence with all kinds of thoughts running through our heads. Jeannie speaks  first.

“You said you met your Lane three years ago?” I nodded my head.

“Is your Lane the one who took you to Tango a lot?" Again I nod my  head.

“You said your Lane would disappear for months at a time?” 

“Jeannie, do you have a picture of your husband?” It was Jeannie’s turn to nod her head. She opens her purse, takes out her wallet and shows me the picture she carries of her wedding day.

I stare at the picture, my eyes going wide.

“Son-of-a-bitch,” I whisper. “That’s him. That’s Lane!”

Neither of us say anything for quite some time. I get off my stool and go behind the bar, filling our glasses and pour two shots of Jack Daniel’s. 

“Let’s go catch this bastard and teach him a lesson,” I say, lifting the shot glass up.

“He’s going to be very sorry when we’re done with him,” Jeannie said, tapping her glass with mine. We toss back our shot and grimace as we swallow the whiskey.

I pour us another shot.

“Here’s to Lane, the cheating, lying, piece of shit. May he rot in hell.”

“I can get on board with that.”

We throw back the second shot.

“Jeannie, how long can you stay?” I ask. “I think we need to seriously brainstorm on ruining Lane. I’m not a vengeful person, but he’s messed up two people’s lives and how many others might there be?”

“I took three weeks of vacation. Tell me the closest hotel, and I can get a room.”

“Better yet, I have a guest room suite. You can stay there. I insist. You’re getting the worst in this deal having to go through divorce proceedings, and I’m feeling very guilty of spending time with Lane. It’s the least I can do.”

“Thank you. I like that idea, but just so you know, I hold no ill will towards you. You’re a victim in this as well. You didn’t know he was married. He’s the only guilty one in this.”

“Jeannie, I think we’re going to be fast friends, and I think I just got an idea to make Lane pay. Let’s have another drink and discuss.”

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The picture is of my BFF and I sitting at a bar. We only get to see each other a couple of times a year since she lives in Florida and I live in Illinois. But when we do get together, it�???????�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�¢??s like we we�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�¢??re never apart, and we catch up, gossip, laugh till we cry, and just have a good time. She�???????�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�¢??s my biggest cheerleader encouraging my writing!
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