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My passion is literature.

I Write with Passion

by Raul1

The reason why I write is to entertain the readers and for them to have something to look forward to being pleased. I am passionate about writing fiction stories. I love creating words, paragraphs, etc., on pages. I write anything to excite the readers. It is just as simple as it is.

I am a fearless writer. I have learned to write from the best by reading their books like Stephen King, Stephanie Meyer, James Patterson, and Dean Koontz. I keep writing no matter what. I have taken online creative fiction writing courses at Miami-Dade online for twenty years. I am a storyteller. I have the talent to write fantasy fiction.

I never want my readers to be in any violent crimes, but only to read my horror novels. I would do that for them to get them off all violence. I want my readers to be safe and have fun.

I feel that I have lots of stories to write about in myself. I don't want them to be bored. I want them entertained. I would also love to write Children's novels. I have a lot of fun writing fiction stories. I adore literature and books because it is my passion.

I have been writing since I was nine years old. I used to write about knights in shining armor and dragons. I have lots of fun with it. I read a lot of writing reference books and magazines on how to write. I am very new to poetry, but I love writing it.

I still learn something new every day when I write. I take my time watching YouTube videos on writing and poetry. I take my time listening to Tedtalks also on YouTube and Spotify. My mind never gives up. I keep on like the energizer bunny on TV. If I want to create fantasy fiction, I start to read novels.

I keep on the subject of literature all the time. I read about writers on how they came to be an instant success novelists. My imagination came from watching lots of Star Wars movies and Twilight saga movies. I am a nut for the stuff.

I get hooked on reading books and never stop at it. In other hours I start to write, write and write. I get anything to get my novels on to be published. I work on WordPress and FanStory. You will always see me at my writing desk just typing all the time. It is what I do, and it is my job. I live for the drama and adventures of creating fiction stories. You won't ever stop anyone from this subject.

It is bad luck to be a nobody. It is no fun at all. You can become depressed and easy to give up. If you ask me what it takes to be a writer, I will tell you that you need a passion for it and lots of it. You either write 24/7, or never at all. It is not for the weak and weary. You need to have talent and skills.

Why I write? contest entry

What I will tell a aspiring writer is to never give up on your dream.
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