General Poetry posted January 5, 2021

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It Happened Just Like That...

by Y. M. Roger

I turned and looked at my friend, Nate
As we both eyed the magic gate.
And although it was getting late,
We had to go investigate…
Just inside, a wizard’s Mate
Asked if we’d brought our armor plate.
We laughed but did not hesitate
To wield our packs of dragon bait…
“Oh, armor can be kinda great,”
Responded that fast-talkin’ Nate,
“But you see sir, we’re no cheapskates
As our smart trap will demonstrate.”
The Mate stepped back to concentrate
While we began to extricate
Twelve of the finest china plates
And lay them in a figure eight...
We then piled apple carbonate
Five layers tall on every plate
Topped off with candy cane hydrate.
Now, all we had to do was wait…
A bright blue rogue with his red mate
Arrived before we had to wait.
No sooner had each claimed a plate,
When Puff arrived with his teammates...
The Mate seemed to remain sedate
As five more dragons joined our date,
But when Ol’ Smaug arrived late,
He seemed to halt and hesitate…
“No worries, Mate,” reassured Nate,
“See, dragons are complete lightweights:
Where apple candy captivates,
Rich hydro-carbon devastates.”
And sure enough at half-past eight,
Nigh it was dragons' checkmate:
As they fell into deep sleep states,
We packed, did not procrastinate…
‘Twas time to head back through the gate
So we took leave of wizard’s Mate,
And no, we did not contemplate
How he'd handle so much dragon freight…


Mono-rhyme writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a Monorhyme
A Monorhyme is a poem in which all the lines have the same end rhyme.


Puff - as in Puff, the Magic Dragon
Smaug - dragon from the Hobbit

Image of 'Spectrum of Dragons' by The-SixthLeafClover at
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