General Fiction posted December 3, 2020

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Never underestimate what you think you saw.

Could It Be?

by blondie560

Short Story Contest Winner 

Suddenly Tom noticed footprints in the snow. Who else lived in this remote place? This was his family's ranch. No one should be here.

He dismounted from his horse to take a better look. There were two sets. One was a child's; the other a woman's perhaps. How did they get here?

Suddenly a big gust of wind blew the snow into a swirling tornado of sorts. Tom shielded his eyes. When it stopped, he couldn’t see any of the prints anymore. He had to ride on; they could be hurt.

He came to another clearing, and just like before, the wind whipped up the snow. When it stopped, Tom saw a cabin and a sleigh with reindeer harnessed to it. His horse whinnied and started walking forward and didn't stop until it came right up to the reindeer. The horse whinnied again and shook his head up and down. The reindeer did the same thing. He must be dreaming!

The door opened; a small boy and a man dressed in red, came out and climbed into the sleigh. The boy took the reins, and magically the sleigh lifted off the ground. As it flew off, the man cried "Merry Christmas Tom!" Then the wind swirled again, and the clearing was empty. 

Tom sat there, contemplating just what happened. "How did he know my name? Could it be? Nah, he did not just see Santa and an elf driving a sleigh." His horse whinnied again and turned to head home.

Writing Prompt
Short Story( Beg/middle/end) (250 words.) Write your own title. Begin with the sentence below:
Suddenly Tom noticed footprints in the snow. Who else lived in this remote place?

Short Story
Contest Winner


My first draft of this was over 700 words! Boy did I have to change the story!
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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