Children Fiction posted November 18, 2020

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Buck and Becky host the family holiday party,

Happy Beavergiving!

by blondie560

November's Beaver moon hung low in the night sky. Buck and Becky were out searching for supplies to finish up the lodge before the family came for the holidays. They had already hit Beaver City. Now they were headed to Den Depot to finish shopping. 

“Becky did your mother say what time they’d get here?” 

“She said that it would be tomorrow because they were going to Ben’s tonight. It’s his first year in his new den.”

“Your parents worry too much about Ben. He has always been eager to learn. He'll have a better den than our first one.”

“I said that to Mom. She said he’s her last to leave. I guess I’ll probably be the same way when we have our kits some day.”

They made their way to the checkout with pine wood and the BOGO bags of dried leaves, with the purchase of a gallon of Buddy’s Mud and Clay Compound.

By time they got back to the lodge, the moon was high in the sky. The couple worked by the moonlight to make the lodge larger to fit both families.

The next morning Becky prepared the food. She made grass pâté on birch chips, fern salad with cranberries, and maple leaf lasagna. They could go out for dessert and choose what they wanted from the banks of the pond.

The lodge filled up quickly with family. Buck shushed them so he could say a few words. “Welcome and Happy Beavergiving! Now let’s gnaw!”


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beginning with the sentence::

November's Beaver moon hung low in the night sky.


Beaver young are called kits. Beaver eat a vegan diet.They are monogamous. They do not hibernate. Their home is called a lodge. They can wreck havoc on ecosystems. They are no longer on the endangered list. Now you feel smarter!
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