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Modern Fable contest entry.

The Lamp

by DragonSkulls

A monkey wandered down close to the ocean's edge where he found a
brass lamp nestled in the sand. He rubbed it and out came a genie.
The genie offered to grant the monkey one wish. The monkey thought
a minute, then said, "I wish I could play violin at a professional level."

The genie waved his hand and said, "Now you're a concert violinist."

The monkey stood there bewildered at this wonderment. But what he
didn't know was that two minutes earlier, a shark found the same lamp
on the ocean floor and his wish was that a monkey would wander down
close to the ocean's edge.

While the monkey dreamt about his first violin solo at Carnegie Hall, the shark
leapt out of the water and chomped the monkey in half. After finishing his yummy
monkey meal, the shark thanked the genie and flopped back into the ocean.

The genie returned to the lamp. Only ten minutes passed before he was
summoned again. This time it was a little boy with a cane fishing pole. The
genie told the boy that he, too, gets one wish of anything he desires. The boy's
eyes lit up. He knew exactly what he wanted and answered, "I wish I could
catch a shark."

And the moral of the story is: sometimes stories don't have a moral.


Write A Modern Fable writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a short fable-like story where the last sentence starts with: "And the moral of the story is". This can be on any subject, true or fictional, and can be in any voice, as long as the moral is stated in the last line. A new twist on an old fable is also allowed. Be creative and have fun! Maximum word count: 300

I created this silly picture myself.

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