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Sometimes you just have to use your imagination

Working in the Snow

by blondie560

Dialogue Only Prompt Contest Winner 

“Whoa, this snow is deep!”

“Duh! They said we’d get eight to ten inches; did you not listen?”

“Well, aren’t you the all knowing queen of weathermen. I was just stating the obvious. Now, I need a little encouragement to get through this, do you mind?”

“Alright what should it be this time? Olympic athlete or damsel in distress?”

“Let’s go with Olympic athlete. I feel more powerful with that one."

“Olympic athlete it is. I’m here with Judy Wilson who has been training for years for this one moment in time. It’s not been an easy road for Judy. Orphaned at the age of eleven..”

“What? No, I don’t like the orphaned part. Try again.”

“Is raised by a single mother ok?”

“No, let’s say that my parents were just hardworking people, and my father worked a second job on weekends to pay for my training. Oh, and my mother took care of my three siblings and myself and sold Avon to help ends meet.”

“Geez, that’s pretty detailed. Who’s telling the story, you or me?”

“Fine, say whatever you want. I’m starting to run out of energy, so I need the lift.”

“Judy Wilson is from a small community in Illinois. Judy started her training for the Olympics much later in her life than her competitors, but that just made her more determined to be a winner. She had good role models in her parents who worked hard to provide for Judy and her three siblings. They were determined to help her meet her goal of one day being in the Olympics.”

“Oh, that’s good.”

“Are you going to keep interrupting me?”

“No, sorry. Carry on.”

“In her small community, Judy gets the rock star treatment whenever she goes home. Judy will take time to go to her elementary school to talk with the kids and let them ask her any questions. Judy, what do the kids want to know most?”

“They will ask me what I like to eat, or if I have a pet. Cute stuff like that. Sometimes they ask me how hard I have to work to be a winner. I like to encourage them wherever I can. I want them to know that anything is possible.”

“I’m sure the kids enjoy that. Do you ever speak at the high school?”

“I have, but I have a different message for them. I tell them that they need to stay in school and shoot for post-high school education. That was something I did not take advantage of, and it might have made my life a little easier if I had. I let them know that they don’t need to use performance enhancing substances to be good. Just the desire to succeed.”

“Why would you tell them that you should have gone to college? Aren’t you supposed to be an athlete where all your time would have been taken up by training?”

“Ok, you’re right. I still would keep the performance enhancing stuff in though.”

“Ugh, don’t change the narrative on me. You still have an hour or more of work, and it’s getting dark.”

“Fine. Continue.”

“So Judy how do you get into the mindset to compete? Do you have rituals, or superstitions you follow?”

“Not really. I’m not superstitious, so I don’t panic if I see a black cat; I mean I see black cats all the time. I probably do follow a routine of putting my gear on. But if I put my jacket on before my snow pants; well it’s not going to change my performance. I’m still giving 110% of my effort.”

“That’s very admirable. Walk me through a typical day.”

“Well, I don’t want to get too technical, but I spend a good four hours sometimes five to just get finished. The hardest part are hills, or long stretches of open area. That’s when I have to tell myself to dig down deep to grab that energy I need to see me through. I can’t give up just because it’s a little bit hard, or I’m breathing heavy, or my legs are feeling like lead. The strong wind, or driving snow, or rain has to be something I ignore because I don’t have time to think about how miserable I may be feeling. And when I finish the last one, a feeling of serenity drifts over me knowing that I’ve accomplished what I set out to do, and I haven’t let anyone down.”

“Wow, you really do have a vivid imagination. That’s the best Olympic athlete story to date.”

“Hey, I have to entertain myself while I’m out in this snowstorm delivering the mail, and who better to carry on a conversation with than my imagination?”

Writing Prompt
Write a story using only dialogue. No narration, descriptions, or sentence tags. Maximum word count: 1,000

Dialogue Only Prompt
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