Horror and Thriller Fiction posted October 18, 2020

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Not a costume

Vampire fright

by Anne-Marie brison

She came out of nowhere, peeling herself from the shadows, peering at me from underneath a curtain of oily black hair.

Her chalky face was pinched and thin, her mouth, chin, and cheeks were coated in fake blood, giving her a sort of vampire look with the black hair and pale skin. Though unlike any vampire I'd seen that night, laughing and shouting to their zombie friends as they raced from door to door, holding out their bags and baskets for candy.

I grinned across the street at the girl and gave her a double thumbs up. "Great costume!' I mouthed.

She didn't smile back.

Instead, her mouth twisted into a frightening snarl, the yellow glow of a nearby street lamp reflecting off wolfish fangs, bits of flesh and gore stuck on the sharp looking tips.

The strange girl raised an arm, the fingernails curled into long claws. Something big thudded to the ground in front of me. A man lay at my feet on his back, his eyes glazed over, gazing sightlessly at the darkening sky. His gaunt face printed forever in a death mask of horror, as though he had seen something terrible the moment he died.

And then I saw the bloody mess where his throat should have been.

I stared at the body in horror, a strangled cry of terror rising to my lips. I then glanced around wildly to see if anyone else had noticed the body of the man with his throat ripped out.

But nobody was there.

The street was completely abandoned, when only moments before it had been teeming with Halloween partyers.

There was only me and the girl, staring at each other across the man's body.

She took a step towards me, her fangs barred, one hand stretched out, beckoning me closer. As if in a trance I shuffled forward, mesmerized by her coal black eyes.

Without warning she lunged at me, knocking me down, a horrible, inhuman scream of triumph tearing from her lips. Her sharp claws digging into my flesh, pining my arms at my side and grunting like an animal.

The gleam of her gore stained teeth angling down to my throat was the last thing I saw.

Halloween Flash Fiction contest entry

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