"Sunnilicious' NaPoWriMo, April 2021"

NaPoWriMo April 2021

By sunnilicious

Poetry... It is a writing style. 

A writing style that allows our emotions to run around freely. Or not, because formats exist. Many of them.

Mass ideas can become a standard, if deemed acceptable. And even loners wish to, somehow, be part of a group. I am unsure why. Acceptance. Conformity. Maybe, it's human nature. Maybe, it's nature in general. Either way, poetic styles exist.

Stuck in pandemic boredom, personal developments have led me to re-imagine myself. I would like to study the History of Sonnets to write sonnets in its many forms. So, no more public library trips to read borrowed or reference poetry books. I finally invested in my very own copy of "Poetry for Dummies".

This is a fact... However, I can not commit to writing thirty sonnets in thirty days yet. I am still a very creative poetic writer. Gossip, news, observations, plants, animals, emotions and more makes me thrive.

Other passionate souls would easily understand how the fever of overflowing feelings exist. We help each other; reading, writing, critiquing and more... Also, I am glad some of these individuals are my friends that will take part of the National and/or International Poetry Writing Month too.

4th month of the year
30 poems, 30 days
Accept the challenge

Good luck to everyone, taking on the yearly challenge for the whole month of April. Thank you to all my supporters too.

Stay safe and strong. God bless you. 

Love always,
Sunnilicious (aka Soonire-Alicia Seecharan)
Burbank, Los Angeles, California


Author Notes This is my prologue/abstract/synopsis to my start in National Poetry Writing Month for April 2021. It includes a short essay with 5-7-5. I forgot who taught me about using numbers in poetry, but it was a Fanstorian and too many years ago. May we always learn from each other.

Peace. Love. Happiness.

Chapter 1
American Cameo: Andrew Jackson

By sunnilicious



Andrew Jackson at The Met in New York
Is a true work of art, built better than a cork.
The seventh president lives in a cameo
As a bust laid on conch shell with an afterglow.


George W. Jamison and William Rose were artists
That jumped on a trendy jewel craze, which started
By Greek and Roman carvings that evolved in Europe
And America during the eighteenth century.



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Chapter 2
The Woo Wee Song

By sunnilicious

Woo wee...
It's one of those days,
Ticking slowly by
And aching my bones.
Woo wee, woo wee...
Lord, I could use a boost.
What to do? What to do?
What to do? What to do?
What to do? What to do?
What to do? What to do?
What to do? What to do?
Step. Dance. And add a boogie.
Woo wee...
Step, dance and boogie it is...
Pick me up
Woo wee...
Yeah - Step, dance and boogie on up
Up, up and away!
Woo wee!
I feel you, dear Lord,
As I step, dance and boogie
my boredom away.
Woo wee...
Life is good
Work and play
All my life
Everyday, Everyday
Work and play
Woo wee...
God is great
Dance and pray, Dance and pray
Step, dance and boogie the blues away
All my life
Everyday, Everyday
Woo wee
God is great
Dance and pray, Dance and pray
Step, dance and boogie the blues away
All my life
Everyday, Everyday
Woo wee
Woo wee
Woo wee
Woo wee
Woo wee


Author Notes NaPoWriMo, Day 1 - Write a poem inspired by this animated version of √¢??Seductive Fantasy√¢?? by Sun Ra and his Arkestra.

1) National Poetry Writing Month Website -
2) YouTube Music Video - Sun Ra Arkestra, Seductive Fantasy (A Chad Van Gaalen animation) -
3) YouTube - NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert, Sun Ra Arkestra -

Chapter 3
Uncovered Truths

By sunnilicious

It was a good morning, the sun shined at my door,
And I ran to the front door with nowhere to go
And I stood there, at the balcony, like a bore
And I looked side to side, And forward with a woe;
To where I saw my shadow on the floor.

I felt happy, because it belonged to me;
I could twist, turn and make hand animals.
This shadow of mine stood beside me full of glee,
And I felt it waited to turn radical
As it hid alongside me like a tree.

In a world where I can be anything,
I sit on the floor and dwell about my shadow;
And it knows the answer to everything.
The sun shone stronger at my dumb show
And I looked up at God without prayer or worship.


Author Notes National Poetry Writing Month 2021, Day 2 - Write a poem about your own road not taken. Reference Poem: The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.

1) NaPoWriMo April 2021 Website -
2) RhymeZone Website -

Happy Good Friday. Happy Easter.
God bless you.

Chapter 4
Bless A Bunch Of Romance

By sunnilicious

Bless a bunch of romance
It can only start with a dream
Every soul should live life to be moonstruck by chance
Bless a bunch of romance
Two people meet and build chemistry from a glance
That flirt will grow sweet nothings into an amourous stream
Bless a bunch of romance
An air of poetic idyll makes the moment supreme
Every soul should live life to be moonstruck by chance
Bless a bunch of romance


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Author Notes NaPoWriMo Day 3 - Make a Personal Universal Deck and write a poem from 2 cards or 4 words.

NOTE: This was a difficult task. I dwelled on it all day. What words? What poetic format? I'm lonely. I wouldn't mind some romance... I looked at multiple word lists and got myself a deck of cards to play with too. My words were: romance, moonstruck, bless, sweet nothings. I wasn't thinking Triolet just playing around.No poetic style followed. I kept the syllables per verse even. It ended up that I used two words in rhymes and repeat lines for a ten-lined stanza.

1) National Poetry Writing Month Website -
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4) Rhyme Zone -

Chapter 5
This Old Country House

By sunnilicious

I know about a brick house in the countryside...
A picturesque wreck, Rustic by the riverside,
And overgrown shrubs enhance the wildflower lots,
There are no ghosts,
But the windchimes have brought some fraught.
Listen to the wind, Hear echoes from the past boast,
And whistle all you'd like; With or without green grass,
But creep around the wrong way and them floors will sass.
Pump that old well fast for a drink of pure water
And picnic or relax like the world doesn't matter.


Author Notes National Poetry Writing Month, April 2021, Writing Prompt Day 4 - Write a poem inspired by an odd, in-transition space.

Note: NaPoWriMo recommended a place on Twitter for pix, however, I couldn't pull it up. I just found a place on FanArtReview. My searches were: eerie places, eerie, place. So, my poem probably doesn't meet the requirements for the day. But I don't always have to follow the writing prompts. It's just like a suggestion for starting ground if necessary. It's good that I read the prompts... Otherwise, I'd pump out haiku and tanka poems non-stop because they tend to be simple for me to write. Finally. Hahahahaha.

1) NaPoWriMo 2021 -
2) Poetry Dances -
3) How Many Syllables -
4) Rhyme Zone -

Chapter 6
Unofficial Expert

By sunnilicious

My gut tells me to watch this show
on the local public broadcasting station;
Good people probably always stay informed.
Well, all personalities of people watch television.

On an old chair, my behind sits comfortably
I am an unofficial expert on COVID
Worry later! Listen intently... Absorb the details!
Tell that doctor to shut his trap already!

I am an unofficial expert on COVID
My mind only holds facts! Not opinions!
I spent an hour on news from last November
And my pandemic fears are lost in a matrix!

My God, Frontline does this periodically.
On I rant, in the living room, channel surfing...
Get me 24/7 updates not syndicated repeats.
Why did this ordeal really get started?


Author Notes NaPoWriMo Writing Prompt Day 5 - Find a poem, and write a new poem that has the shape of the original, and in which every line starts with the first letter of the corresponding line in the original poem.

1) National Poetry Writing Month, April 2021 -
2) Poetry Foundation, Isabella Borgeso poem 'in a room of "climate change activists"' -

in a room of climate change activists

my family drowns again
on a microphone for strangers
gnarled white hands grab everywhere
we√??√?¬¢??ll put you before the money pitch

on a microphone for strangers
I become expert of a tongue I do not speak
we√??√?¬¢??ll put you before the money pitch
tell them how your mom almost died

I become expert of a tongue I do not speak
my gnarled white hands grab everywhere
I tell them how my mom almost died
& my family drowns again.

Chapter 7
Early Riser

By sunnilicious

I wake up half hour before my alarm clock
And listen intently at those noisy tick tocks,
As I jump from the bed into slippers and stretch,
Before I run to the restroom like it's a sketch
And wonder, if everyone takes a 2-minute pee.

I wash up my fresh face like a true busy bee
In a fluster to strike a match for that candle;
Peach, the scent of sexy feet in summer sandals.
Then, I take a minute for a daily prayer,
And chug down a liter of water over there.


Author Notes National Poetry Writing Month, Day 6 Writing Prompt - Go to a book you love. Find a short line that strikes you. Make that line the title of your poem. Write a poem inspired by the line. Then, after you have finished, change the title completely.

1) NaPoWriMo April 2021 -
2) Taylor Jenkins Reid, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, Chapter 3 Line 1, "I wake up half hour before my alarm clock", 2017 copyrighted, Rabbit Reid.
3) How Many Syllables -
4) Rhyme Zone -

Chapter 8

By sunnilicious

Comfy home
And quality time
With oneself
Or others
Fills the mind with memories
To last a lifetime.

You are...
Cherish life
And find enjoyments;
Everything can be a blessing.


Author Notes NaPoWriMo Writing Prompt, Day 7 - Write a poem coupling Shadorma (3/5/3/3/7/5) and Fibanacci (1/1/2/3/5/8).

1) National Poetry Writing Month, April 2021 -
2) How Many Syllables -

Chapter 9
Tanka (feathery fern leaf)

By sunnilicious

Feathery fern leaf
It is dead and can not grow
Stem pluck for pleasure
Eccentric sight in a gust
Beauty echos to lives on


Author Notes NaPoWriMo, April 2021 Writing Prompt, Day 8 - Spoon River Anthology, and then write your own poem in the form of a monologue delivered by someone who is dead.

NOTE: I read the "Spoon River Anthology" for an acting class. And I didn't like that it was poems written from the perspective of people as ghosts or in the spirit world at a cemetary. However, I do have a few favorites, because they seemed to have relatable lives and I even memorized one of the poems as a personal monologue. That aside, my mother's sister was buried in Tampa, Florida last Tuesday. So, I do not feel it appropriate for me to follow the daily prompt for napowrimo day 8. A tanka will have to be suffice as my poem entry/submission for the day. Thank you for understanding.

1) National Poetry Writing Month, April 2021 -
2) Poetry Dances, Tanka -
3) How Many Syllables -
4) Rhyme Zone -

Chapter 10
Jeannie Djeen In A Lamp

By sunnilicious

You can't buy me and place upon the pedestal,
You must rub me like the belly of a puppy.
Bring me out from this stuffy little lamp to play,
And I will grant you the wildest of all wishes.

I can't even count my salty tears anymore...
They aren't evaporating because of the air;
Fabric walls in ruins as I walk on water
As I think of all the things to do in this world.

Tap, tap, tap in is modern and could work for you.
Your tap might control my belly dance from the smoke
And I could tell you all the rules to wish making;
I could give you a few days to decide your faith.

Then, I should snap around to explore this city...
I want to see those woman construction workers
Taking a break to whistle at male street walkers,
And visit that pansexual congress person.

I promise to check in on you at the worst times,
Or we could be chic with those walkie talkie things.
I am sure that you'd need me more that thinkable,
But I would do anything to live in freedom.


Author Notes NaPoWriMo April 2021, Day 9 Writing Prompt - Write a √¢??to-do list√¢?? of an unusual person or character like Fairy God Mother, God Father, Cupid, Twiggy, Prince, etc...

NOTE 1: The mythical name for a female wish granter that lives in a bottle/lamp is Jeannie in English or Djeen in ancient languages. I google searched it.
NOTE 2: There is a sculpture in Dallas in front this symphony hall built by Foster (eyeglasses corporation) and Perot (self-made billionaire) which people/tourist are encouraged to explore by walking on the water. It is a real sculpture. Pretty cool.
NOTE 3: The picture was taken at the Oddities & Curiosities Expo. I bought it to fulfill my kitsch-streak... However, I was told that it was made for burning aromatic incense cones for purified air. And now, I used it for storytelling in a poem.
NOTE 4: I thought to do Cupid, but that figure was a man. I thought to do Jennifer Aniston, but she's still alive and real. And then, I remembered taking this picture. I didn't really choose a poetic form, I just wrote 4 verse stanzas. No concentration on rhyme, but some alliterations naturally appeared.
NOTE 5: No music for inspiration until I started writing. But I heard about tap, tap-tap 'in like a year before the song was written from watching YouTube mukbangs (chew & chat videos).

1) National Poetry Writing Month, April 2021 -
2) How Many Syllables -
3) Rhyme Zone -

Chapter 11
Junk Bowl

By sunnilicious

I have a nice crystal fruit bowl
It could hold a lot of apples and oranges
But I enjoy the taste of raw salads better;
Be still my junk.

Shuffle and twitch...
A gemstone necklace waits to be worn,
As the Legend of the Shark Tooth lives
And Pup Dracula watches over it.

Shuffle and twitch...
A cone lantern with business card in a blue bag
And an old Ziploc holds a minature wind chime
As a holiday ornament prances in place.

Shuffle and twitch...
And an untouched fragrance sample
In a fabric bag with a plane pin and wine cork
As another sachet holds simple souvenirs.

Shuffle and twitch...
A voodoo keychain gifted from a secret santa past
Mmhhh, and I won me some sex dice;
Be still my junk.

Shuffle and twitch
Hustle that kitsch


Heart In Heart

Author Notes NaPoWriMo Writing Prompt Day 10 - Listen to a song and take notes. Find a junk draw and take notes. You should have about 2-pages of notes. Now, write a poem or song. It√???√??√?¬¢??s called √???√??√?¬¢??Junk Drawer Song,√???√??√?¬¢?? and comes to us from the poet Hoa Nguyen.

1) National Poetry Writing Month, April 2021 -

Chapter 12
Hold Faith

By sunnilicious

Unhappiness does come from somewhere
And sometimes, it can't be expressed
Because nobody listens
Or the truth is denied
God is always there
To help us deal
With the bad
Hold faith



Author Notes NaPoWriMo Day 11 - I didn't follow the writing prompt. However, I wrote a poem.

1) National Poetry Writing Month April 2021 -
2) Poetry Dances, Nonet -
3) How Many Syllables -

Chapter 13
Elliott Bay, Seattle, WA

By sunnilicious

I always did like a nautical ambiance or scene;
Air, anchors, boats, ropes, fish, men, shells and jeans.
There was always a new catch of the day
And cargo tugged from far away into the bay.

To see a geoduck put me in disbelief
As the local cooks envision exotic ceviches
And the dock of clams silently chatter in grief;
Why does my humble heart understand the word niche?

This Emerald City had small wild strawberries
And an urban sprinkle of the crocus flower
As birds sang aloud like those yellow canaries,
But the rain was heavier than normal showers.


Author Notes NaPoWriMo Day 12 - I didn't follow the writing prompt, however, wrote a poem for the day.

NOTE 1: The picture is from FanArtReview, but the memories are real from living in Seattle, Washington. They were plenty boats; canoes, tug boats, fishery boats, cargo boats. speed boats, kyacks, peddler boats, cruise ships, dinner ships and maybe more... I saw an annual sailing race on Elliott Bay once too.
NOTE 2: Washington State is known as Emerald City for Mt St Helens and Botany. However, there isn't much forestry in Downtown Seattle. You have to go to parks, lakes, camping in another city (Blake's Island, Columbia River, Skagit, Issaquah, Port Angeles, Orcas Island, North Bend, Carnation, Snoqualmie, etc...)

1) National Poetry Writing Month, April 2021 -
2) How Many Syllables -
3) Rhyme Zone -
4) Google search, What is a harbor -

Chapter 14
News, An Imperative These Days

By sunnilicious

The news is nothing new to our world. There is an abundance of it everywhere from objective to opinionated viewpoints. The media vehicles are in abundance: radio, tv, cable, internet, newpaper, magazines, apps and word of mouth. This is to keep the audiences informed about current events that affect their lives. It should definitely be a norm for people around our nation.

Lately, the advantage of getting the news on a daily basis is to stay safe through the pandemic. It does not hurt to listen. There are temporary laws for social distancing and wearing masks. There are multiple vaccines available in the marketplace. And just today, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) had to place a pause on their single dose vaccination.

There have been a total of six known cases of blood clots tied to this particular vaccine. The side effects of these pandemic vaccines as a whole are many. The people that are allowed or choose to take the vaccine(s) automatically become part of the medical studies. Due to the fact that the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is allowing the vaccines in the marketplace as an "emergency". Even if it is media boasted to have enough of the stuff to go around.

Statistics are important. It ensures that everything the scientists are trying to accomplish and/or cure is accurately working. If changes must be made to the vaccination, they have a better idea about where to make the changes. Trial and error is common to any scientific experiment. Also, the gathered data becomes a source that proves the original hypothesis. The pandemic wasn't the only important thing in the news today either.

Kristin Smart, a college teen that disappeared from San Luis Obispo County, Californa in 1996 made national headlines. Twenty five years went by with questions and speculation from every possible direction. The police finally made two arrests. The suspects Paul and Ruben Flores are, in fact, father and son. So, it is official that she was murdered. Her family, friends and viewers following the story can now hold peace of mind. More horrific details are yet to come...

Make the news part of your daily routine.

Author Notes NaPoWriMo April 2021, Writing Prompt for Day 13 - Write a short article (usually 250 to 400 words).

NOTE: Years ago, I took a couple of Journalism Classes in undergrad. This article may not be focused properly. However, I followed the napowrimo prompt for today.

1) National Poetry Writing Month, April 2021 -
2) YouTube, How To Write An Article, video attached
3) NBC Nightly News, Television, Tuesday, 04/13/2021
4) Fox 11 Special Report, Television, Tuesday, 04/13/2021
5) CNN Website, Kirstin Smart -

Chapter 15
What's In A Name?

By sunnilicious

Soonire-Alicia Seecharan...
My name is a good name. It was given to me at birth; first name, middle name, last name. Twenty-two letters in a total of three names, With a hyphen between my first and middle names, And twelve letters in there are vowels: a-e-i-o but no u's.

A "u" could happen, eventually, through marriage. I should not seek out a man because he has a "u" in his last name. That would just be completely preposterous. And life isn't a game show. What kind of prize would there be in that for me to win?

Names are a blessing
No third person point of view
Permanent markers


Author Notes NaPoWriMo April 2021, Writing Prompt Day 14 - Write a poem about your name. Delve into it.

1) National Poetry Writing Month, April 2021 -

Chapter 16
The Bus Driver

By sunnilicious

When the bus driver doesn't talk,
She must be wondering about dinner
Or thinking about what to eat for lunch;
Who eats peanut butter and jelly everyday?

When the bus driver doesn't talk,
The noise must not be loud enough
Or she is busy listening to the gossip;
Guess who started the booger volleyball game?

And when the bus driver doesn't talk,
But she looks squint eye at us kids in the mirror;
Everybody knows somebody is in trouble.
However, it wasn't me. Who could it be?


Author Notes NaPoWriMo April 2021, Day 15 - I didn't follow the writing prompt.

1) National Poetry Writing Month April 2021 -
2) How Many Syllables -
3) FanArtReview, Back to School artwork by VMarguarite

Chapter 17
A Raccoon

By sunnilicious

A raccoon in the tree
Makes noise up high and free.
It does pull-ups with glee,
And he looks down frantically at me.
Thus enjoying hide and seek
With his long tail trailing meek...
And the scent of food speaks
As his berries and frog farts break.


Author Notes NaPoWriMo April 2021, Writing Prompt for Day 16 - Write a skeltonic poem or tumbling verse.

Note: I tried to follow the rules. Unsure if I accomplished it.
Note: My parents had a few wild raccoons in the yard. They/We feed them nuts, rice and seeds. However, raccoons are wild animals that eat things like fruits, berries, nuts, fish, frogs, mussels, crayfish, insects, turtles, mice, rabbits, muskrats and bird eggs.

1) National Poetry Writing Month, April 2021 -
2) Rhyme Zone -
3) eBook, Baby Animals, snapshot picture library, Fog City Press, copyrighted 2007
4) Google Search, What do raccoons eat in the wild -

Chapter 18
Tonight's Moon

By sunnilicious

If only I could view the moon!
I need to find the moon. Right now!
A romantic stuck without a lover or moon.
Forgive me, God...
I adore this silver waxing crescent moon.


Author Notes NaPoWriMo April 2021, Day 17 - Write a poem about the moon

NOTE: I looked for the moon last night, this morning and tonight. Couldn't find it.

1) National Poetry Writing Month website -
2) Daily Moon Phases -

Chapter 19
Reality Check

By sunnilicious

Grow new dreams into a truth;
Reflect on good times.

Little rituals
allow for quiet moments
to reflect on life.

Be optimistic
Look for the best in yourself;
treasure your value.

You are important;
Family, friends and strangers
do the same things too.


Smiley Hearts

Author Notes NaPoWriMo April 2021 - Write a poem based on a Table of Contents. And I looked online and at home, the writing prompt didn't inspire me. However, I still wrote a poem.

1) National Poetry Writing Month, April 2021 -
2) 5-7-5, Poetry Dances -
3) How Many Syllables -

Chapter 20
Jingle Jangle

By sunnilicious

Quickly grabbed up in cloth,
The witch shakes and tosses a bag of bones.
She holds modern ways for this ancient art;
Bones, shells and curios fall to observe ones' life
And the reader will offer customers guidance.
The Past is done,
The Present is now,
And the Future has been won;

A doll worries as the bat flies
But the amethyst stone will calm those cries
As that cat foot offers up the wishbone
And the metal angel seems to watch on...


Author Notes NaPoWriMo Writing Prompt Day 19 - I didn't want to rant in a poem. However, I did write a poem for today.

NOTE: I had a Bones Reading on a vacation to Texas in March 2021. It was different. I wasn't sure what was going on in my session. I found it to be somewhat fascinating. So, I bought a book for Modern Practitioners. And I actually read it from cover to cover. It's not a simple thing to do like palm readings. This is a learnt craft and it varies because it comes from different cultures. In this country, it's a melting pot of bones...Hahahahaha. Outside of reading the planets and stars, this can be deemed as the first method of fortune telling. I understand better now and it's truly wild. And now, when am I getting a Tea Leaves Reading? Oft.

1) National Poetry Writing Month April 2021 -
2) Throwing the Bones written by Practitioner Moonfire, Atalanta, Monticelo GA, copyrighted 2020
3) How Many Syllables -
4) Rhyme Zone -

Chapter 21
The Vase

By sunnilicious

Pretty vase,
Sits all alone,
On the table;

Without Flowers;
Everyone looks...
I must pick some.

Change of mind,
My garden looks great.
I buy flowers
for the vase.


Author Notes Writing Prompt, Day 20: Write a Sijo Poem. The syllable count requirements can be written per line or as a stanza, (Theme 3-4-4-4, Elaboration 3-4-4-4, Counter theme 3-5 with Conclusion 4-3). The poetic story should have 3 lines or 3 stanzas with 4-lines each.

EXAMPLE: excerpt from "Song of my five friends"
Yun Seondo (1587-1671)

You ask how many friends I have? Water and stone, bamboo and pine. (2-6-4-4)
The moon rising over the eastern hill is a joyful comrade. (2-4-4-6)
Besides these five companions, what other pleasure should I ask? (2-5, 5-3)

NOTE 1: I wrote Sijo's before, however, incorrectly. I studied the NaPoWriMo prompt and thought about it to understand the technique fully. Late entry, but a true poetic sijo submission.

NOTE 2: I don't have a garden of my own yet.. And have been known to pick random flowers. However, I have broken that childhood habit... So, I buy a bunch at least once a month at the grocery store(s) or florist(s).

1) National Poetry Writing Month April 2021, Day 20 -
2) The Sejong Cultural Society, Basic Guide To Writing Sijo -
3) How Many Syllables -

Chapter 22
Two Poems, One Submission

By sunnilicious


I found five baby burrowing owls
These abandoned baby burrowing owls looked starved
Not starved for fame just Taco Bell
Taco Bell drivethru would do well
Well, I came across a pet store
The pet store must have been a better choice
Any choice is allowed to turn impulsive
Being impulsive fed them for a week
A week of mice, frogs, lizards and snakes in a bucket
This bucket of food was donated to Animal Control
Animal Control found a home for these owlets
These owlets were suicidal and had to be nurtured
The nurtured owlets lived on to be domesticated birds
Domesticated birds envious of talking parrots


Recite the alphabet from A to Z
The letter Z is a model-based notion.

Recite the numbers from 1 into infinity
The infinity is endless, stop at 100.

Recite the names and order of our planets
The planets are the big smooth rocks in the galaxy.

Recite the magical multiplication tables
These tables will get you places in life.

Recite the civil rights speech because you believe it
Believe it because everybody has the right to dream.

Recite those music lyrics without a frown
Frown too much and you'll look like a clown.

Recite this sonnet poem with some emotions
Emotions drive the storytelling.

If you know nothing else, recite the holy scriptures
The holy books are considered the ultimate guide to life.


Hearts picture from

Author Notes NaPoWriMo April 2021, Writing Prompt Day 21 - Exploring nursey rhymes. Write a repetitive set-up

NOTE: I was raised with nursey rhymes, however, that wasn't anytime recent. I tried my best in 12-hours. I came up with 2 poems. Neither in the catergory of my best works. The first poem was based on the NaPoWriMo example poem and video, which upset me. The second poem was based just things young and old folks commonly memorize.

1) National Poetry Writing Month, April 2021 -
2) NaPoWriMo Example video to write a poem, YouTube, What to do with a bucket of burrowing owls video
3) Comments Haven, Graphics & Horoscopes -

Chapter 23
My Mango Poem

By sunnilicious

Mom sliced up a half ripe mango for chow
And us children shared it with happiness.
I wonder why only one grew on the tree...
Looking at the mango peel I felt scrappiness,
But each kind of mango has its own eating style;
Big, small, green, red, ripe, stringy or cooked brings a smile.

Seasonal Mango Picking has fat burning benefits,
And to eat a mango is to feel satisfied.
However, most mangos are at least two fruit servings
And it holds more sugar than natural or processed cane.

Enjoy mango shared or processed to be kept safest;
Salad, juice, pudding, ice cream, condiments and more...


Tropical goodness
Mangos aren't a superfood
Popular marvel.


Author Notes NaPoWriMo Day 22 Writing Prompt - Write a poem about mangos that invokes it as a symbol of a particular time, era, or place.

NOTES: I started writing about mangos in a sonnet, however, I became emotional and had to order a slice of mango cheesecake. So, this is just a poem about my personal knowledge about mangos.

1) National Poetry Writing Month April 2021 -
2) Poetry Dances, Sonnets -
3) How Many Syllables -
4) Rhyme Zone -
5) Taste of Home, Mango Recipes -

Chapter 24
Small Talk

By sunnilicious

Let us talk about this Covid-19 Outbreak
Millions upon billions of people scared shitless
Nobody wants to believe the real numbers
Obligingly, everyone is swearing by science
When should we expect a return to normalcy?


Author Notes Day 23 - I didn't follow the writing prompt. I took my first Pfizer vaccine and had some mild side effects. Nothing to really worry about... Thankfully.

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Chapter 25
Haiku (red chrysanthemums)

By sunnilicious

red chrysanthemums
big bush of bright autumn blooms
red carpet worthy


Author Notes NaPoWriMo April 2021, Day 24 - Weird day for me. And you don't want to know what happened to me tonight. So, I didn't follow the prompt. Haiku submitted.

NOTE: I did this picture in a haiku before... The poem is brand new. I alliterated and added a repeat word, which is abnormal... However, I like it. Earlier today, I saw this thing on tv about eco-friendly gowns. And the Oscars are really late this year, April 25th 2021. So, what if I broke some haiku rules. Hahahahaha :)

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Chapter 26
Still, A Winner

By sunnilicious

I held up my marked bingo card
with disbelief that I had won;
Five in a row and four corners.
It was time to take my money and run,
but one by one, half of the room rised up;
I screamed inside, "Better luck next time, Buttercup!".


Author Notes Day 25 - I didn't follow the NaPoWriMo daily prompt. However, I submitted a rhymed poem.

NOTE: I haven't ever played bingo, however, it is acceptable behavior. Probably more so than buying a lottery ticket. A lot of the bingo audience play religiously; once per week to once per month. Same people, same place(s) from $1 per card. A few hours of fun, good socialization and small winnings too.

NOTE: This poem is how I picture myself at a Bingo Hall. Hahahahaha.

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Chapter 27
Haiku (bored cub)

By sunnilicious

bored cub
wide awake
let's talk
you have all of my attention
these ears are ready


Author Notes NaPoWriMo April 2021, Day 26 - I didn't use the writing prompt

NOTE: I wrote an animal poem based up Matsuo Basho techniques for haiku. I like animals. Each line is a full statement or thought. I wrote a 20-syllable poem; 2-3-2-8-5

1) National Poetry Writing Month, April 2021 -
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Chapter 28
I Am The Raven

By sunnilicious

Ravens in the afternoon sky
The sky is blue, Blue with puffy cotton clouds
And a flock of jet black ravens flies above
They cackle closer
Breaking into a few too many groups
I walk closer
Busily they peck at acorns
Fallen acorns
From a sturdy set of old oak trees
Three vicious ravens circle above me
Their yakety-yak is grows louder
They swoop and dodge
Crisscrossing all around me
I throw myself to the ground for safety
Two ravens beam themselves straight up
To perch on the tree
And watch
Watch me grow into confusion
As I am pecked at
And rudely beaked
Beaked into a mild concussion
A postman in his jeep loudly honks
All three ravens fly into unison
Unison into an arrow
Into the sky
Around the corner
And out of sight
The postman takes a bite of his sandwich
Staring at me
Another postal worker pulls up
They start talking
They talk about me
I care because I would like to know
I listen
I could not think
I could use some help
My hands felt a wet dent
There is a dent
A bloody dent in back of my head
I can not speak
A flood of tears stream down
I can not remember the next few days
I can not remember the past few days
In the mirror
The wickest raven is weaving into my face
And the raven guffaws in echo
Echoes from out of the radio
As the scent of bread pops from the toaster


Author Notes NaPoWriMo April 2021, Day 27 - Write a poem inspired by an entry from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. I wrote my recollection of being becked by a raven based upon the given dictionary word aftersome.

adj. astonished to think back on the bizarre sequence of accidents that brought you to where you are today as if you spent years bouncing down a Plinko pegboard, passing through a million harmless decision points, any one of which might have changed everything which makes your long and winding path feel fated from the start, yet so unlikely as to be virtually impossible.

NOTE: This poem was based on a true event that transpired in my life in 2013. It was a dizzy and painful experience. I don't like crows and ravens anymore. They are vicious birds.

1) National Poetry Writing Month April 2021, Day 27 -
2) Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows -
3) Rhyme Zone -

Chapter 29
how many questions

By sunnilicious

manners are mindful
it shows thankfulness
you're a nice person
who is keeping count

if you share you care
that's what they all say
and if you can't smile
why do you feel good

if you look ahead
with goodness inside
you'll always find love
does your heart agree

love's a gift from God
we're born to share life
we're born to make life
and what do you think


Author Notes NaPoWriMo April 2021, Day 28 Writing Prompt - Write a poem with questions.

NOTE: I didn't know what to write about... And so, I started to babble about common life stuff like God and manner. I submitted something.

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Chapter 30
The Detainees

By sunnilicious

Runaway Mexican children crossed the border
into the USA around March 11th 2021.
30,000 minors placed into custody
Instead of being sent back home to their parents.
We're in a pandemic! This is a world crisis!
Our government deficit grew a trillion bucks
to ensure basics were met for "We the People".
These detained immigrant children are orpahans
in Dallas, Texas and Long Beach, Californnia.
Tax payers should be miffed because it's their money
handling clothes, computers, food, housing, schooling and care costs.
We do not owe these children anything?
Why weren't they punished for their misbehaviors?
When will this insane misadventure end?
It's like human trafficking gone wrong!


Author Notes NaPoWriMo April 2021 - I didn't follow the Day 29 writing prompt, because my Day 28 poem was written drinking peppermint tea and looking out the window. I was going to write an Ode to Windows, but on a history Google Search, Bill Gates came up. I couldn't come up with another poem involving architectural window(s).

NOTE: I wasn't sure what to write. Just voicing my thoughts on an issue that wouldn't have happened if military were at the border, or a wall.

1) National Poetry Writing Month, April 2021 -
2) Television news updates, 30.000 mexican children cross border into usa
3) YouTube news updates, 30.000 mexican children cross border into usa
4) Radio news updates, 30.000 mexican children cross border into usa
5) Google Search news updates, 30.000 mexican children cross border into usa
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Article, Encounters at the US to Mexican Border in Feb 2021

Chapter 31
Last April 2021 Poem

By sunnilicious

another poetry month is nearing its close
let us pray an end to pandemic woes
let us pray that everyone gets this new vaccine
may everyone continue to eat all their greens

until we meet again
i wish everybody everywhere well
i love you to pieces
see you next year
stay safe and strong
may god always bless you


Author Notes NaPoWriMo, Day 30 - I didn't follow the writing prompt. However, I made a sincere poetic submission to thank all my friends, family and acquaintances <3<3<3<3<3

National Poetry Writing Month April 2021 -

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