Chapter 1

By Iza Deleanu

I woke up, squeezed my last drop of coffee and looked outside the window. Yup, nothing there over the rainbow dream. I am living in a perfect world. There is no war, but there is no peace either. Everything is... relative. We don't die, we don't get sick: life in plastic... is fun-tastic.                                                                                                                                                                                                                I remember the old days, kids used to get born and parents switching around responsibilities. Not anymore! Now, nobody is a parent. Yup, we are all adults here. Laughter is so overrated.

One day, a smart ass decided to create a vaccine that would make all bad things go away and apparently children were part of that category. Whoever was over twenty survived... the rest...
'just disappeared". The irony, we got stuck at the age we received the vaccine! Yay, for the youngster, but just imagine being one hundred and staying there in your body like a prune and praying to die and can't. Some tried suicide, and it didn't work. We are immortals.

It's 3050, everything is so relative and in limbo. Who thought that perfection could be so boring? We don't work we just eat and sleep, the rest is too boring.


New day, old day, same day! I am out of coffee, but I don't care! Even if I don't eat and drink, I will still be around, so why bother. Everything is so perfect that it hurts. Yup, I managed to hide this memory somewhere in my brain where the virus of perfection couldn't touch it. I wonder if there are other like me, that still remember the old times. I am getting dressed and jump outside in search of the "old ones". I have a plan. I need to find the others. Now, I am wake and I know exactly what to look for. I start knocking on doors saying: "ice-cream".                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The first ten houses I got nothing. I am in front of house 23, I knock and somebody looking like me opens. I say: " ice-cream?" Her eyes twinkle as she invites me inside. I sit on the sofa and she softly asked me: "Do you remember the berry flavour?" Frightened I look around. She smiles: "Don't be afraid, you are not alone. Welcome to the resistance!"

Author Notes Thank you Little Boogie 007 for this wonderful piece of art that makes my story whole.

Chapter 2
Ice cream

By Iza Deleanu

It's 3050; everything is so relative and in limbo. Who thought that perfection could be so boring? We don't work. We just eat and sleep; the rest is too boring.

Wait, somebody already said that before. Is this evolution? Ice-cream, that was the password. Disoriented, I look around. Everything is so perfect. Forever young, I think that was the pact with eternity.

For some of us,  it was nice. We got frozen in time at the age of twenty. But the ones that took the cure when they were in their seventies got the disadvantage of being stuck in that old phase needing help.

I need to find the ice-creamers. Something is not right. I see the reality, and it is ugly! How could I have been so happy and content before? We are living in a nightmare.

We are like a broken record, empty autonomous with no future. We are broken machines stacked in time.

We don't feel hunger, and we are not angry. We are nothing. But now I am awake, and I am scared because I am alone, and hungry. I need ice-cream.

I run onto the street. I remember I have to find a house... a house with the number twenty-three.

I am out on the street whispering: act normal. After ten minutes of looking at houses, I found it--number twenty-three with a big sign of ice-cream in the window. I knocked on the door, young women opened the door and gently pulled me inside.



You remembered!

 I remembered the house number and the ice-cream. I am hungry. Do you have anything to eat?

 I have apples. We woke up a few months ago, and the only available food we found was the one that grows on the trees. We must sneak out at night to get them.

Apples. I remember green, red, yummy, and smelled so nice. May I have some?

Here; but go slow. Your stomach is not used to food anymore.


The cure took away all our old needs. We didn't need to eat to survive; we didn't need to feel warm, or cold. Now, it is different.

So, what is going to happen to us? How many are awake?

For now, we are ten. We will need to start slow-step by step. We have to pretend for a while. So after you have your apple, you need to go home and wait for the night to fall. Then you come back here to eat and to learn how to be human again. Then before the day starts, you will go home and sleep. At noon just go out for a stroll, because they call this socializing. I know they monitor us during the day, so you need to keep up with the old schedule.

For how long do I have to pretend?

Not long, once our number reaches one thousand, we will leave this place and find a real planet where we can live as before.

Chapter 3
Conspiracy - part 1

By Iza Deleanu

It's 3050; everything is so relative and in limbo. Who thought that perfection could be so boring? We don't work. We eat and sleep; the rest is too dull.

Wait, somebody already said that before….

I flip my hand up in the air, yup looks normal. I check my pulse, yup still tick-in under my fingers. I shake my head, and slowly a word rolls on: fake? No, wait! Pretend, I must pretend that I am still in a trance, and as everybody else: a cheap copy of humanity. My mission: go door to door and say ice-cream. If they don't react, ignore and move on!

After a short sight, the memories are rolling back. Joane is part of the resistance now and needs to do something to help with the awakening. She already checked out her street, and the response was zero. Somebody spiked the vaccine and left them all in a state of content: forever young and like automats. Young was a relative one. She was one of the lucky ones because she got frozen in this youthful body, others not so.

She was wondering if the oldies will be more receptive to her calls than the youngsters. Some will say that oldies will be a burden, but she instinctively knew that their chance of success would be equal to none without the oldies.

That old population contained all the knowledge that they needed to start over. So, despite checking only people until 40 years old, she decided to give everybody an equal chance. So here she goes, another day with new hope on the horizon. 

Chapter 4
Conspiracy - pr 2

By Iza Deleanu

It's 3050; everything is so relative and in limbo. Who thought that perfection could be so boring? We don't work. We eat and sleep; the rest is so dull.

Another day in Paradise playing the ice-cream game, and fooling the prying eyes of the masters. She needs to follow the same pattern: wake up, and say: "it's a wonderful day!" What's so wonderful about it? I feel like a butterfly trapped in a bottle. No matter how much I am flipping my arms there is no where to go. All the houses are identical. The people are frozen in different age stages."

She is determined to find more ice-creamers followers. She gets to the first house, knocks and a young girl opens confused. The messenger smiles and say Ice Cream? The girls repeats: " I scream? No?" she looks at the messenger and continues - I scream, I don't know how to scream?

She gently closes the door! "Damn it! This is the third one in five minutes! I should knew it, if they don't blink, don't even bother to ask. Yeah, in theory sounds nice, but why if she misses someone because of compliances?"

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