"Potlatch 2021"

Chapter 1
Paw Prints

By Debra White

A trail of paw prints in the snow
direct the way I need to go
to catch up with the dynamo
who loves cavorting in the snow.

Ahead, I spy my happy hound.
Excitedly she chases round
the flakes that fall without a sound...
My funny, giddy, happy hound!

It's breakfast time, so home we go,
retracing paw prints through the snow.


Author Notes It snowed here today. Molly and I had fun!
Picture courtesy of Google as I'm somehow unable to upload my own photo that I took from our walk this morning.

Chapter 2

By Debra White

I'm the FanStory voting booth
and I thoroughly disapprove
when you've made up your mind 'fore
you've even walked through my door
and then place your vote without
checking all contenders out.
I'm the FanStory voting booth
and I thoroughly disapprove.


Author Notes It has come to my attention (on many more than one occasion when entering, or being nominated for a contest) that the number of total votes placed in the voting booth add up to way more than the views of my entry.

For example, there are a total of 69 votes placed in the Poem of the Month booth this month. My entry had only 40 views and this is including the views before the booth opened!

In other words, the voters are not reading all of the entries. It niggles me!

Niggle - to cause slight but persistent annoyance, discomfort, or anxiety.

** Please note, I am not being a bad sport about the result of the contest AT ALL, but I DO believe that there is a lack of integrity shown in the voting booths.

Anyway, mini rant over :)

The Octelle is a poem consisting of
* 8 lines using personification and/or symbolism in a telling manner.
*syllable count is 8/8/7/7/7/7/8/8,
*rhyme scheme is A1A2bbccA1A2. The first two lines and the last two lines are identical (refrain).

Image courtesy of Google

Chapter 3
Chasing Rabbits

By Debra White

I love to watch her as she sleeps.
She's chasing rabbits in her dreams.
Her limbs twitch as she bounds and leaps.
I love to watch her as she sleeps.
One open ear she always keeps,
alert for sneaky bunny schemes!
I love to watch her as she sleeps -
She's chasing rabbits in her dreams.


Author Notes I think my poem speaks for itself!

I love watching our Springer Spaniel, Molly, sleeping. She has some great adventures in her dreams, I can tell!

Image courtesy of Pinterest - this dog is so like Molly!

Chapter 4
Lovely Upside Down

By Debra White


Today the world is lovely upside down,

far lovelier than from the right way up.

It's turned into a smile what was a frown

and happiness is flowing from my cup.

Perhaps I'll perch here 'til the sun goes down;

the wrong way round, tail feathers standing up.

I never guessed I'd see the day I'd find

such pleasure from the sun on my behind!


Author Notes What made you feel happy today?!

An ekphrastic Ottava Rima poem.

Image courtesy of David Attenborough Fans Facebook page.

Chapter 5
Fairy Cakes

By Debra White


From time to time my mama bakes
a batch of fancy fairy cakes.
Iced on the top with artist's flair,
rich butter cream and fondant flakes -
You've never seen a finer fare!

Confections that my mama makes
are picture perfect - no mistakes.
Knocked-up with skill (and love and care),
each bite is lighter than fresh air.
So good! My mama's fairy cakes.


Author Notes knocked-up : made

Image courtesy of google

Chapter 6
A Perfect Day

By Debra White

A perfect day -
The sky is blue,
I gaze outside,
admire the view.

My garden calls!
I grab a chair -
The sound of spring
is in the air.

It floats upon
a gentle breeze -
The call of birds
and hum of bees.

As wispy clouds
drift 'cross the sky,
I sit and let
time pass me by.


Author Notes Image courtesy of my good friend, Maria Jose Garcia. The photo is taken in her gorgeous garden in Spain.

Chapter 7
In Two Minds

By Debra White

I want to go out!
Want freedom and fun,
to frolic and run.
Go gadding about
out there 'til I'm done.


I want to stay in!
Want snuggles and sleep,
to snooze and count sheep.
  Stay toasty within
in a sleepy heap.


Author Notes Gadding - Going out in search of pleasure, especially in an aimless manner.
Toasty - Comfortably warm.

The photo is of our Springer Spaniel, Molly, looking longingly out of the window. When she's out, she wants to be in. When she's in, she wants to be out!

The Emmett style is a five line form, related to the acrostic styles.

The Emmett has 2 rules:
1.The first line of the Emmett is five WORDS long. Each word of the first line becomes the first word of the following lines. So the second word in line one becomes the first word of line two, the third word becomes the first word of line three, etc.
2. the Emmett has a rhyme scheme of abbab.
There are no other restrictions on meter or line length. *I have chosen to write in 5/5/5/5/5 syllable count.

Chapter 8

By Debra White

Ignore the things you heard.
Those rumours are
It's just my face
is fixed in place -
not an angry bird!


Author Notes The Mad Dog Stanza is:
*Stanzaic: One or more quintains
*Syllabic: 6/6/4/4/6
*Rhymed: xabba (my x rhyme is the same as my a rhyme)
*Metric: Iambic

Image courtesy of David Attenborough Fan Page on Facebook

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