"Poetry "

Chapter 1

By Jackarrie

She is woman
Her presence lifts the mundane
Endeavours always to nurture

In control
Seeks universal love

Wisdom beyond belief
Opening her arms to the stars
Mysteriously connected to the earth
As her spirit explores
Nothing compares


Author Notes the image is from the "Wild women sisters"
The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd, the woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before, Albert Einstein

Chapter 2
Love will keep us together

By Jackarrie

Love will sustain us whatever
We were meant to be together
Always beside me not just for a while

 My heart melts when I see you smile

The minute our eyes met, I was smitten
Intrigued, by you, the love bug was bitten

Our first kiss I knew that you were mine
Love will keep us together for all time
Dreamt of holding you  in my arms at night
The dream has realized  in a lovers delight
Never looking back, into the sunset we ride
Growing old together, forever side by side


Author Notes The photo is from our wedding day in 1964,

Chapter 3
Acrostic Awareness

By Jackarrie

Awareness reveals energies never before felt
We dance with our heart, our emotions melt
Always connected to the insights of the higher power
Revelling in the magic of a
perfect bloomed flower
Encouraged by the freedom it has deemed
New lights inside your consciousness will gleam
Entering a place of bliss so you can live your dream
Seeing both the beauty and the wisdom of nature
So we can walk through life as pupil and teacher.

Author Notes The artwork is a watercolor I painted while in France. Every year they give tribute to the animal who worked for the common people down the years. In France, they march the animals through the town. This was for the Donkey,The year before it was the bulls.

Chapter 4
A wonderful world

By Jackarrie


The willow tree bends as nature poses
Just like in late May awakens the roses
The lush colour fades beneath the tree
Witnesses the inevitable changes there be

Autumn breezes; leaf fall starting
The summer heat already departing
Fallen chestnuts lie on the grass
Trampled on by those who pass

The slanted filtered rays of light
Show chirping birds, a wondrous sight
Intrigued by it all, engaged in rapture
This wonderful design of Mother Nature

Glorious sunsets giving joy and thrills
As evening glow settles on distant hills
Night closes in, and the stars tell their story
Of gratitude, being part of this cosmic glory.



Author Notes My own artwork, photo taken through the glass,

Chapter 5
Oscar Wilde

By Jackarrie

Oscar Wilde was born in Dublin, to Sir William and Lady Jane Wilde
Socialism, one of his many interests, yet at times acclaimed, at times reviled

Controversial larger than life poet, dramatist, author, a scholarly celebrity
An academic, he became one of London's top writers with a known complexity
Revered for his great plays, famous quotes are part of his legacy
While Wilde expounded an anarchist philosophy
Imprisoned for two years accused of homosexuality
Lamented on his life, in his spiritual journey he wrote about his crime
De  Profundis a great write but sad, because he was a victim of the time
Exhibitionist, this poet had more to give, died of meningitis when only in his prime.


Author Notes (16 October 1854 - 30 November 1900)
Wilde is still better remembered for his personal life ,his exuberant personality, consummate wit and infamous imprisonment for homosexuality, than for his literary accomplishments.

"I don't regret for a single moment having lived for pleasure. I did it
to the full, as one should do everything that one does. There was no
pleasure I did not experience. I threw the pearl of my soul into a cup
of wine. I went down the primrose path to the sound of flutes. I lived
on honeycomb. But to have continued the same life would have been wrong
because it would have been limiting" Oscar Wilde

Written in DE Profundis in prision.

Chapter 6
70 years on since Anne Frank wrote

By Jackarrie

Trapped in Amsterdam by German occupation,
Hidden in a small attic for a certain duration.
With her family and others, she shared this space
keeping out of sight, of the ruling Nazi race.

Held back from her studies in her young years,
her restricted space welled up so many bitter tears
A Prolific writer, as she became well known,
the diary of a young girl, who had barely grown.

Aspiring to be a journalist with her ardent dedication,
or a writer with accolades that could earn admiration.
Her tiny fixed abode proved so much frustration,
wanting to develop her skills with keen deliberation.

Conditions appalling, they all had to endure,
the execution of a dictator would be the only cure.
The train of horror had reached its destination,
to the gas chambers prepared for their annihilation 

Brutally forced from the arms of her Father,
Anne Frank, a mercurial devoted daughter.
They were cruelly beaten into a long line,
to be born a Jew, was their only crime.

Stripped completely naked, no dignity allowed,
she watched in disbelief at the pathetic crowd.
This was the end, the terror of realization,
they were all ready for a live cremation.

Some were silent, some cried out in horror,
what human ordered this horrendous torture?.
The monsters never cringed or even apologized,
merely obeying orders, from the leader they idolized.

Author Notes We must never forget the horrors of the holocaust and the victim's that suffered

Image from Google.

Chapter 7
a bluebell wood

By Jackarrie

Walk this wood of a luminous hue
a delicate carpet so blue
nature gives us such treasure
a view beyond measure
in springtime they bloom
silent bells chime
just seeing
makes us


Author Notes The artwork is my own, i had trouble bringing down the pixels, so not a clear picture of the bluebells

Chapter 8
A vivid dream

By Jackarrie



I dreamt that a fairy godmother appeared to me
Asked me what in the world would you like to see?

Think very hard about what you want me to do
One wave of my wand your wish will come true

I took my time and I really thought hard for a while
The one thing I thought of, because this act was so vile

It was my friend who was raped, she was only a kid
Made me so sick because of the things that he did

Please find this monster as soon as you can
He's among all children posing as a good man

I woke up and saw my godmother was not there
But at least I know that she is now made aware.



Author Notes Limited punctuation, image from Googgle,

Chapter 9
Innocent children suffer

By Jackarrie

if only i could take your pain
comfort your sad thoughts
remove your fears
my child, my baby
why you?

much too young to die
if love could heal
you would be coming home
to your own cot
where shiny stars adorn
where Felix waits at home

you won't even miss him
or us
but we will miss you so much
my little man

i must smile bravely
block out the cruel words
of reality
be the strength you need

medical terms i don't need to know
the result is still grief
a burden i must bear
all hope is abandoned
the time has come
the pain of loss begins

Author Notes The image is of a young boy who has cancer.
The poem is written for all parents who have lost a child to cancer.

Felix is the cat.
no capitals or punctuation only when necessary

Chapter 11
Endless love

By Jackarrie

From birth to forever she's there
nurturing care
love so tender
she will render

Lullabies softly 
sung to you
gentle smiles too

soft words 
bond unbroken

Chases away all of your fear
always she's near
that is her plan
cause she's your Mam


Chapter 13
Be wise live life

By Jackarrie

“Whatever I see I know I’ll be”
When this wisdom came to me
 I try to see the half full glass
So troubles won’t come to pass
I have been told to hang on tight
Never once to give up the fight
Every day is a new beginning
 Remember you are already winning
Life is not always easy, I know
Just hang on, and don’t let go
 Birds soar, and the sun does shine
My heart sings out, this world is mine
 Your inner self is your own adviser
Allowing your thoughts, to be much wiser
There is nothing that you cannot do
Give life a chance, find the real you.


Author Notes Image from Google. limited punctuation.

Chapter 14
Nature's awe

By Jackarrie

a speck
viewed from afar
dead worlds are still observed
reminding us of beginnings
each night

Chapter 15

By Jackarrie


I fell in love with my Cahore by the sea
It was a time when I needed to be me
On the green rolling cliffs of weeds overgrown
Twas then the beauty of nature to me was shown

As I wandered through this village quaint and calm
felt a passion stirring inside of me, here I am
There was magic in this place I held so dear
A lifting spirit of awareness to me did appear

My struggles and fears in life became less daunting
a  new beginning of a life my inner self was wanting
Many years have passed, yet I still can clearly see
It was the best place in the world for me, to find me



Author Notes Cahore Co Wexford is in Sunny South east if Ireland. The painting is my own.
limited puncutation

Chapter 16
Changing Hues

By Jackarrie

The last days of summer bring changes
to the lush green shrubs a fresh hue
like magic before our eyes
we see a season new
the autumn colours
are not awry
by artists


Author Notes Image from google

Chapter 17
Donegal Mountains

By Jackarrie

Donegal, it's your vast landscape I love the most
amazed by the narrow roads that run along the jagged coast
the jarred granite rocks that nature has chiselled with love,
wallowing under a cobalt and white sky up above

Bracing myself as I walk against the Donegal breeze
witnessing how it gently moves the tall green trees
utterly enthralled by the astounding works of nature
it's beyond humankind to see how it all does feature.

When morning sun floods the mountains after dawn
singing birds flock together when night has gone
to witness these mountains of a bluish hue
many artists of valour painted this stunning view.

Magnificent Erigall how your zenith adorns the skies,
standing proud and stately as Donegal's prize
voted the most iconic mountain, one of seven
with an ever-changing shape, a true piece of heaven.


Author Notes Erigall was voted the most Iconic Mountain in Ireland.

Chapter 18
Luna of the night

By Jackarrie

oh moon of pale gold, luna of the night
magnificently radiant above
through a misty veil of silken gauze
ethereal light shines a zealous glow
milky way stars adorn this stunning scene
yet no living artist could ever create
 phases that influenced so long ago

twas our ancestors calendar for free
in the dark of night a crystalline orb
a welcome companion, a lover's view
behind gloomy clouds  your powers still so strong
security is bestowed because of your tenacity
keeping us safe from high tides of the seas
oh moon of pale gold, luna of the night

Author Notes My first blank verse, so I am open for suggestions.

No capitals or punctuations only when necessary,
Image from Google.

Chapter 19
Don't be afraid

By Jackarrie

To transform to a whole new state,
Avoid the wrath,
walk your own path.

To dream of life beyond the fear,
peace will live here.
An outstretched hand,
makes hearts expand.

Allow only positive thoughts,
untie the knots.
Decide to choose,
you cannot lose.

Author Notes Image from Google

Chapter 20
50 years of wedded bliss

By Jackarrie

You cast a spell, when we first met,
the magnetism I'll not forget.

Helped by the moon so bright,
twinkling stars were out that night.

A young boy meets a young girl,
love at first sight hearts in a whirl.

Happy to be in each other's arms,
drinking in loves magic charms.

I knew then I would want to belong
I am very happy I was not wrong.

Fifty years of wedded bliss,
It all started with just one kiss.

Author Notes Artwork is my own.

Chapter 21
I believe nature has the key

By Jackarrie

Nature has the key to everything affected,
I believe that all things are connected,
at one with the whole universe,
we're made of stardust and protected.

Life's a carousel always moving forward and fast,
so I live in the present and not to the past,
the beauty 
of nature's creation,
free for all to enjoy creative participation.

I look above and marvel at such loveliness,
a sight that should motivate togetherness.
I see myself moving from present darkness,
content in a place removed of all sadness.

I'm open to your smell your beauty your sound,
my values complete with my feet on your ground,
supported by Mother's Earth most fertile soil,
saddened by those who make choices to spoil.


Author Notes Artwork from Google

Chapter 22
Painting watercolours

By Jackarrie

I love painting my watercolors
Mixing the paint gives me a thrill
Colors blending in to one
Each season excites me
Autumn I like best
Nature inspires
Never fails
To awe

Author Notes My own watercolor,

Chapter 23
A revolutionary feminist

By Jackarrie

An Irish nationalist she was
fighting for the Irish cause
wanting independence for Ireland
seeking to unify the whole Island

She was born on England's soil
this lady of beauty and beguile
with enthusiasm unbounded
"Daughters of Ireland" she founded

A special love for Yeats
Renown poet of the Greats
She was the main inspiration
of "The Rose" his literary creation

A woman of substance,
fighting for justice
from the English invader
an Irish Joan of Arc crusader.

Wife of Major John Mc bride
what followed did betide.
He was shot by a firing squad
his bravery was never flawed.

Their son Sean Mc bride,
won the noble peace prize
also silver medals from UNESCO
for his humanitarian manifesto.

Pride of a loving mother was denied
some twenty years earlier Maude died.


Author Notes Limited punctuation
She worked tirelessly for the release of Irish political prisoners from jail. In 1889, she first met William Butler Yeats, who fell in love with her.Maude was the love of Yeats life, but she said she did him a favor because poets should never marry.
She, along with other volunteers, fought to preserve the Irish culture during the period of Britain's colonization.

Maude married Major John Mc Bride He was executed in Kilmainham Jail Dublin, showing bravery, he would not wear a blind fold.
UNESCO is "United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization"

Chapter 24
Aware of life's beauty

By Jackarrie

we are all made of stardust
connected magically
like the stars we can sparkle
by living life adroitly

be in the field of life
relish all that it gives
observe nature's beauty
one reason mankind lives

we are what we think
don't waste life futile
self-trust is a must
keep your mind fertile

Author Notes image from Google
no punctuation or capitals

Chapter 25
Dreams are made possible

By Jackarrie

we can with
renewed vigour
actualize our own potential
make an impossible dream possible

by glorifying the smallest life form
embracing the most distant stars
contemplating the beauty all around

be a willing beginner
a witness to the awe
in the art of living

heal the wounds in ourselves
freely flow out of the darkness of regret

feel the bliss
the sun's fire on our face
nature leads us to wonder
finding the ecstasy
In our own style
we are all unique

Chapter 26
My Spinal fusion

By Jackarrie

How to cope with this extreme pain
It's serious, the doctor did ascertain
Fearful my depression would return
Peace of mind is all that I yearned
So I put in place what I had learned
To know my limits, then make a choice
By listening to my internal voice
Our inner self is our own adviser
Allowing our thoughts to be much wiser
I couldn't use my body so I used my mind
At least that part of me was not confined.
My overactive mind was always a pest
Now it's the time to put it to the test
I brought art into my impoverished world
From that moment my whole life unfurled


Author Notes No punctuation marks

When I was in pain I focused on learning to paint watercolors from watching art programs on tv and library books. After my operation, I continued to paint, it saved my mind.
the painting is a french scene I painted for my daughter.

Chapter 27
My beautiful Cahore

By Jackarrie

I yearn to go back
to this quaint village

unforgettable moments
are etched on my mind
rolling cliffs of primroses
nature’s magic carpet

poppies lazily hang on the craggy ledge
harmoniously the sounds of birds sing
as they swing on fine branches
singing delightful songs

these early days of spring
are welcomed and warm
vast green fields proudly boast

 tiny baby lambs prancing excitedly
each knowing their own

to sit and watch
the wild sea crashing against the cliffs
roaring loudly as each white horse
tumbles and unfurls its majestic wave
swirling tirelessly through time

a hypnotic effect we never tire of
constant as the moon's phases

at twilight, nature displays
a glowing canopy of the bluest blue

as stars slowly begin to appear
 the mistress of the night enters into view

a beaming orb shimmering all aglow
smiling across the harbor
her luminous light is welcomed

this enchanted village
forever I'll hold  it's magic
opened my eyes to nature
 became my spiritual teacher


Author Notes Cahore, Is a small fishing village in Wexford the southeast of Ireland

Chapter 28
Hot stuff

By Jackarrie

Just as disco dancing was flourishing
It was Donna we were all worshiping
With her beautiful looks and sexuality
Who else but her, had all that vitality

Relentless pulsating of the music's sounds
Who cared that we all looked like clowns
The louder the music the better the moves
Not that our elders would ever approve

Energetic gyrating, the drowning in sweat
Feeling we were all part of the new jet set
Frenzied moves under the psychedelic ball
Partners or not, the floor was free for all

Mini dresses with long flared sleeves
One piece jumpsuits flared at the knees
Using an iron we pressed our hair straight
Just may be the night to find the right mate

Author Notes Image is from Google,

Chapter 29

By Jackarrie


What makes me happy has become a fine art
awareness of nature I do enjoy taking part
I always begin my day with gratification
giving thanks for this wonderful revelation.

I have learned to be what I see
my thoughts are clear as they can be
when something incites desperation
I avoid the urge for self denigration

I help those who are far worse off than me,
it brings me happiness if helpful I can be
to clear the thought of fear from their mind
I found that it only takes a little of my time.

To be good to others is a real fine charity
and to see the golden rule as a guide for clarity
happiness is found in the near and not the far
the grass is really greener just right where you are


Chapter 30
Valentine contest

By Jackarrie

Our first kiss together was so sublime,
from that moment I knew you'd be mine.
I was aware instantly this was not a fantasy,
time stood still in a memorable act of ecstasy.

How our silhouettes 
shone that starry night,
cast by the light of the moon's beaming light.
It touched my heart, when I heard you say,
your desire is, as one we will always stay.

I will forever treasure your compassion,
a gentle soul, in the highest fashion,
my heart knew we were destined to meet
without you in my life, I would be incomplete.

I remember that heart-stopping look in your eye,
it penetrated into mine, I felt I would die,
when I say these three words, "I love you"
always remember dear they are only for you.


Author Notes The artwork is my own

Chapter 31
Tribute to my husband.

By Jackarrie

You kept our vows we made to each other,
to remain faithful, for worse or for better
we saw our kids grow, we were so proud.
Through hungry years we laughed out loud

The years flew by we never noticed the time
making some mistakes, yet life was sublime.
As husband and a father not once you cowed
Through hungry years we laughed out loud.

You were so young, handsome and clever,
I knew we would always remain together.
Love  to the family you always ploughed

Through hungry years we laughed out loud.

Author Notes photo is of my husband with one of the grandkids.

Chapter 32
The longest night

By Jackarrie

Winter Solstice the shortest day
the wonder of the sun's rebirth
ancient voices we overhear
to share the mysteries
and rejoice another year

we gather
once again
to all who celebrate this  
winter's day
when a phenomenon to enjoy

recalling  our ancestors
they also welcomed same

 upright  stones await the Sun
from the lowest point in the sky
the tropic of Capricorn revered
radiance from small openings

how  stunning this sight to see
as the sun arrives in wonder clad
praise to the glory of our natural world.

Author Notes the longest night is also the shortest day,

Ireland has a long and rich mythological history. In fact, some of Ireland's prehistoric structures date back more than 6,000 years, from before the pyramids in Giza in Eygpt.

Chapter 33
When we met.

By Jackarrie

You came into my life took away my sorrow,
gave me great hope for a better tomorrow.
I was wandering in the dark like a lost kitten,
then when you came along, I was truly smitten.

My life was empty, now it's so divine,
you made a promise to always be mine.
The lonely nights are gone for good,
you filled that void like I knew you would.


Chapter 34
If I was to tell you...

By Jackarrie

If I was to tell you an atheist I am
would you say to yourself  oh dam

. want to shout at me," go and scram
still see me as who I really am

If I was to tell you, with me science wins,
would you want to pray for all of my sins?
Or still say, fair play, shake hands with a grin,
each to his own, in times of changing winds.

If I was to tell you how I love humankind,
I treat everyone, in the manner I find.
Would not hurt a fly or cheat someone blind,
we are all not the same, some are undefined.
If I was to tell you the earth is millions of years old,
not only thousands as some people are told.
So look around at this wonderful earth and behold,
 evolution is  the answer to how we unfold


Chapter 35
A martyr for science

By Jackarrie

Galileo Galili how did they not see?
how valuable your work was going to be
you tried to enlighten, but it was in vain
truth was held back, by the religious reign
your genius punished, for an astute contribution
sharing this knowledge would reach the solution
Aristotle's view was wrong, his world was geocentric
Galileo had the truth, no doubts it was heliocentric
a martyr for science, struck down by religious bigotry
because he tried to educate them on astrometry


Author Notes Galileo began to express openly his support of the Copernican theory that the earth and planets revolved around the sun. This challenged the doctrine of Aristotle and the established order set by the Catholic Church.

Chapter 36
Always be grateful

By Jackarrie

Each moment is a gift,
a chance for a new beginning
so I practice gratitude.
I celebrate the fact that
I‘m still standing,
I appreciate small victories.
 I focus on my dreams
 put my fears into the back of my mind.
When it rains I look for the rainbow,
when it’s dark I look up to the stars.
I am in awe of the universe,
 our insignificance,
yet our uniqueness.
I express what I feel,
show appreciation
for the blessings
I encounter.
I work to overcome
my limitations,
so I’ll arrive at the
 best destinations.


Chapter 37
So lonely

By Jackarrie

s she sat at the window deep in thought,
reflecting on the old days of yonder.
Thinking of those, to this world she had brought,
happy and sad continued to ponder.

Her friends were the wild birds she always fed,
they replaced the children's smiles and chatter.
Birds needs were her joy she has often said,
so few were her days of love and laughter.

Sad with her losses, the future she dreads,
days empty no-one to see or to hear.
If only her kids would show attention
she wishes so much for them to appear.

Her pain would ease by love and attention,
shown from a heart with selfless affection.



Author Notes My first sonnet. Image is of my Grandmother who has passed on
Sonnets are often about love but not always.
This is about love needed.

Chapter 38
Freedom for education

By Jackarrie

Freedom from Taliban rules
Restricting girls going to schools
Endorsed rightly for this brave writ
Eleven when she wrote about it
Driven against justice for the ban on learning
Only seventeen, a Nobel prize she was earning

Malala survived the assassination bullet

Chapter 39
Almost human

By Jackarrie

can train
a mammal blue
they will not ever feign
see them up close you know it’s true
so clever  at communicating  too
 awe-inspiring  just to see how they love to play
they have helped those who are down and so blue
 magic and mental support too
children want to remain
they wave adieu
joy is plain
to gain


Author Notes The mural is my own.

Chapter 40
Happy thoughts

By Jackarrie

We all wish for the good old days,
everyone has them no matter our age.
At what point do the old days become old,
each of us has a different story to be told,

The good old days are in the past,
time passes swiftly, it cannot last.
Yet happy pictures is all we can see,
when we were young and felt so free.

We didn't have a TV there were no cars,
 at night we looked up at the twinkling stars.
We were allowed to be outside and play,
a thing of the past that's not seen today.

But are the good old days an illusion,

nostalgia of the mind can be confusing.
Allow for reality to come to your mind,
the past just has to be left behind

Our rose colour glasses can see no wrong,
because our childhood is full of sweet song.
Yet we know that it just cannot last,
for the good old days are in the past


Author Notes The photograph is of my sister and brother, I am in the front.

Chapter 41
A nature walk

By Jackarrie


My walks are amazing and they're also free
I feel i'm in heaven, it is like a dream
If more people could be aware and see
Breath taking beauty of this glorious scene

A great brown heron at the edge of the lake
Eyes searching where the freezing water flows
He watches eagerly for the next meal to take
Using evolved talents only nature knows

Wild life all around but no sense of foreboding
Clouds on high hovering the tall tree top firs
Ecstasy and joy experienced, it is so reassuring
Sun highlighting the prancing rabbit's ears

Observing a movement in the hedge row
Squirrels with bushy tails and eyes of brown
  They are playfully scampering  to and fro
Scurries up the tree, too shy to come down

Nothing has changed here in many a year
The glorious sunsets, giving joy and thrills
Lazily grazing are the families of deer
As evening glow settles on the distant hills

 The night closes in the stars are all glowing
Bright stars emerging from the blindness of day
Beckoning and twinkling their luminous showing 
  Night gazers,with telescopes 
come out to play


Author Notes no punctuation, My own photo.

This is a photo I took of the Boyne, a famous Irish river, the Battle of the Boyne, a major battle in Irish History, took place along the Boyne near in 1690 during the Willimate war in Ireland This river has been known since ancient times. The Greek geographer Ptolemy drew a map of Ireland in the 2nd century which included the Boyne,

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