"Spiritual Oasis"

Chapter 1
Heavenly Garden

By Eternal Muse

I dream about the garden of His grace
where flowers gather to display their truce -
I see a gentle violet's pensive face
and crimson roses' efforts to seduce.

Where queenly bougainvillea sits alone
in regal coat of white, with face aglow,
upon her decorated flower throne -
Her eyes are cast on tulips' field below.

I walk the path of lavender and spice,
the tiger lilies show their amber eyes -
Oh, savior Lord, how peaceful and how nice
is your resplendent garden in the skies!

And when I'm ready to go home, I will
imagine all the beauty and the glow
of God's amazing garden on the hill -
I'll close my eyes and walk to His chateau.

Author Notes To my beloved mother who was a true gardener on earth. I hope we meet in that garden of Eden one day, dearest one.

Chapter 2
Baptized Anew

By Eternal Muse

When I partake the pleasure of each day
that God bestowed so freely on our race,
My fears and reservations melt away
while baptized in the fountain of His grace.

He gave me flowers, light and morning dew,
the singing woods and swans in midnight lake.
In His forever home I'm born anew,
His hand is on my cheek when I awake.

He gave me oceans full of Neptune's lust,
red sunsets and the softest coral sand;
My aches and ires His power turns to dust,
I draw my strength and comfort in His hand.

I bless the Lord for giving me so much -
My metamorphosis is in His touch.

Chapter 3
Thank you, Lord!

By Eternal Muse


There is so much that I am grateful for:
Each morning I wake up to clear blue skies -
And even rain's demonstrative outpour
must have a reason - it is heavens' cry?

I hear the happy birds' succinct tirade,
white lilac spreads its succulent perfume ~
I sing to sun, write poetry in shade,
I welcome splendor and say no to gloom.

Two swans aglide in God's celestial lake,
the crimson sunsets and a crescent moon -
His miracles I hungrily partake,
to wonder skies I launch my love balloons.


Chapter 4
I Welcome Life

By Eternal Muse

I welcome life in every budding tree,
in crocuses that break through winter snow;
In rolling waves of Adriatic Sea,

the mountains and the tumbling streams below.

I welcome life in flowers of the field,
the crimson poppies and the clover fair;
in holy bluebells with their heads that yield
to feisty sunflowers that parade out there.

I welcome life in horses of the wild
traversing golden prairies in the west,
In innocence of every newborn child,
the pair of songbirds hammering their nest.

I welcome life in happy lovers' kiss;
In scented rainbows and the orchid's bliss.

Chapter 5
I look to Him for guidance

By Eternal Muse

I look to God for guidance and advice
and when in doubt, I pray that He comes through -
Oh savior Lord, how graceful and how nice
is your amazing sky of baby blue.

To you I owe the world of sparkling sun,
the opal valleys and the flowers bright ~
I thank you for the blessings and the fun
of being part of your eternal light.

I need you like the air my lungs partake,
 your presence follows through my earthy trail;
I thank you for the swans upon a lake,
the coral sand and salty ocean gales.

Oh Lord, please guide me through my life's crusade -
To you I sing my grateful serenade.


Chapter 6
Seek solace with Him

By Eternal Muse

       When you are tired of the worldly chores,
       when life's ordeal is pestering your mind,
       Why don't you dream of the secluded shores
       wherein a solace with the Lord you'll find.

       Give in to Him, and you will find release ~
       He'll take your worries in His magic hand
       and make them melt, He will restore the peace
       forever in your grief-infested land.

       He knows what troubles you, and He will heal
       your heart and soul, but He will need your trust.
       And when your faith surrenders your ordeal,
       you'll know that to confide in God you must.


Chapter 7
He Watches Over Me

By Eternal Muse

       You're watching over me, my savior Lord,
        protecting me, delivering from harm ~
        Your gentle loving care is my reward
        and when I'm weak, I hear your blessings' charm.

        My dearest Lord - oh, how I prayed that thee
        bestowed your grace upon my grieving soul
        When both my parents bade farewell to me
        to join your Kingdom, then became as whole.

        I pray that you will guide me through the night,
        relieve my worries, bring eternal peace,
        My wrongs and fallacies you set to right,
        my troubled mind and soul you will release.

        I feel you in my every living breath,
        Your presence gives me courage to endure --
        Within your grace I'm unafraid of death,
        And why should I? You promised me my cure.

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