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Love Poem Poetry Contest
Deadline: In 2 Days

A Cold Room
Deadline: Apr 30th

What Poetry Means To Me
Deadline: Apr 30th

Non-Fiction Writing Contest
Deadline: May 5th

Flash Fiction Writing Contest
Deadline: May 12th

Writing Classes

Blank Verse 101
Class Begins: May 4th

Writing Short Nonfiction
Class Begins: May 5th

Start Your Novel
Class Begins: May 5th

Understanding Poetry
Class Begins: May 5th

Grammar Tips (SPAG)
Class Begins: May 5th

Rhyme and Meter in Poetry
Class Begins: May 6th

10 classes available. Click here locate a class and to learn more.


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Top Ranked Script Writers For 2014
Ranking is calculated using ratings of works and author popularity
Click here for information on how authors are ranked

The trophy earned by the top five ranked script writers at the end of the year

#1 Tomes Johnston    (6.098)
#2 Ben Colder    (5.689)
#3 Spitfire    (5.653)
#4 Rosalyne    (5.364)
#5 Aiona    (5.135)
#6 chasennov    (5.106)
#7 GWHARGIS    (5.084)
#8 smudge    (5.059)
#9 christianpowers    (4.979)
#10 James Chaima Phiri    (4.945)
#11 Maltese Falcon    (4.939)

Last Updated: 04/23/14 12:20 AM (updated at the start of each day)

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